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T.U.B.S Officially Announce Their Official Fanclub Name, Color and Physical Album Release

T.U.B.S released their latest MV of “Still The One” earlier this week. After living apart in different cities, the boys finally got together and went on a summer getaway in this retro vibe MV....

Ex-CLC Member ELKIE Sings a Heart-Wrenching Song With JiLi from The Untamed Boys After Leaving The Group

Ex-CLC member ELKIE collaborates with JiLi, member of Chinese boy band T.U.B.S (The Untamed Boys) after announcing her departure from K-Pop girl group CLC earlier this year.

T.U.B.S Drop Their First Music Video, “The Beauty Of Following Our Hearts”

Just a few hours before announcements were made concerning the departures of Song Jiyang and Zheng Fanxing, the official video for ‘The Beauty of Following Our Hearts’ featuring Daniel Powter was released.

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