T.U.B.S Officially Announce Their Official Fanclub Name, Color and Physical Album Release

The Untamed Boys Still The One

T.U.B.S released their latest MV of Still The Oneearlier this week. After living apart in different cities, the boys finally got together and went on a summer getaway in this retro vibe MV. Following the release of the MV, they replied to fan questions in a Q&A video and revealed their official fanclub name, “SHANZI”, and official colors “Purple Heart” and “Vivid Violet”. 

In “Still The One” MV, T.U.B.S had a good time with yacht rides, card games, pillow fights and more. “Still The One” is their first full English track from their debut album ‘LOVE:ONE-ACT‘. Due to Covid-19, their world tour plan was cancelled after their first  stop in Thailand in January 2020. Nevertheless, the boys are still longing to connect with their worldwide fans through music. They spent days and nights practicing the English lyrics and eventually overcame the language barrier when recording the song. 

Through the cheerful and positive vibes of the MV, T.U.B.S wanted to remind fans to take care of their mental health during the rough time of the year. It’s necessary to leave all the hustle and bustle behind once in a while, and go on a getaway with your loved ones to relieve stress and see the beauty in the world. 

The Untamed Boys (T.U.B.S.)
T.U.B.S in “Still The One” MV

T.U.B.S’ official Twitter announced its official fan club name and colors. The name SHANZI (小扇子) means traditional Chinese fans. The colors “Purple Heart” and “Vivid Violet” echo the theme colors from album “LOVE:ONE-ACT”.

T.U.B.S’ official fandom name is confirmed to be “SHANZI”;
T.U.B.S’ official fandom name is confirmed to be “SHANZI”; 

Fanclub colors are “Purple Heart” and “Vivid Violet”. 

T.U.B.S’ debut album “LOVE:ONE-ACT” 

T.U.B.S graced their debut stage with traditional Chinese fans as props back in November 2019, hence the name “SHANZI” holds a special meaning for both the boys themselves and fans. With a wave of the fan, T.U.B.S are like a gust of cool breeze in the summer, a time that is particularly meaningful to the group, while SHANZI embodies the cultural element from the global hit drama “The Untamed”, which brought the boys and fans together .

The group also confirmed the release time of physical copies of debut album “LOVE:ONE-ACT” in August, so fans can look forward to it.

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