Jackson Wang Helps Young Girl Pull Up Shoulder Strap

Jackson Wang is quickly making a name for himself for being a gentleman. First, the singer and idol clutched his collar while taking a selfie with his fans. Then, on Keep Running, he gave fellow host Song Yuqi his pouch to cover her thighs. Lately, he’s risen to the hot search again – this time for helping a young girl to pull up her shoulder strap.

Jackson helps the young girl

Netizens React

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Wang Jiaer [Jackson’s Chinese name] left the Chongqing airport, and also helped a young girl he passed with her shoulder strap, he’s definitely a warm-hearted older brother 🥰

Netizens React:
[+12,000] Please throw away the idea that Jackson Wang pulled down the strap on purpose, I don’t want to see you all on law-related news
[+5113] Jackson Wang, my sholder strap’s slipped too
[+1611] It’s our kind citizen Wang
[+1389] He really respects girls 👍👍👍
[+649] He’s so cute

Weibo Influencer Post [2]: Wang Jiaer helped a girl passing by, it’s so warm!

Netizens React:
[+632] It feels so real 🥺
[+493] Jackson Wang, my shoulder strap slipped too 🤩
[+241] Gentle and warm citizen Wang


A Weibo Influencer made a poll asking netizens what they like about Jackson.


[+3573] Looks
[+1647] Industry
[+8033] Personality
[+683] Mother fans (they look on him like a son)
[+1846] Girlfriend fans (they look on him like a boyfriend)
[+1153] Stages

Jackson Wang

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