Gong Jun Receives A Confession From Olympic Champion Zhang Jiaqi: He is Tall and Handsome

On July 27th, Gong Jun was revealed to be the idol of Zhang Jiaqi, the women’s double 10-meter platform champion of the Tokyo Olympics. The revelation came in an interview by the state media after the female diving star winning the Olympics.

In the interview, she bluntly acknowledged that she is a fan girl and has idols. In particular, she had recently fell in love with Gong Jun because of his drama, “Word Of Honor“. She also confessed to her idol in the interview, saying, “He is tall and handsome, and we are both the same type, both cute.”

Zhang Jiaqi
Olympic Diving Champion Zhang Jiaqi Professed Her Love Publicly For Gong Jun

After Zhang Jiaqi succeeded in chasing stars, many netizens said that Zhang Jiaqi is too cute, and they did not expect that the Olympic champion is such a cute fan girl in private.

Afterwards, Gong Jun also followed Zhang Jiaqi’s Weibo, and even responded to her confession himself.

This comes as a joyful reward for the teenage diver, who won the second gold medal for the Chinese “Dream Team” at the diving sport. Together with 15 year old Chen Yuxi, they clinched the eighth overall gold medal for China at the Tokyo Games with a remarkable score of 363.78 in the women’s synchronised 10m platform on Tuesday.

As revealed by South China Morning Post, Zhang Jiaqi revealed, “We do have an advantage in our age. We are short and light, and this means that our [water] entry is better than the others.”

“Our weakness is we are inexperienced. They have much more experience, we only have one World Championships.”

Now that Zhang Jiaqi has won the olympics, we also send out congratulations to the Olympics champion for successfully chasing her idol!


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