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Zhang Yujian Confessed That He Has A Child With Wu Qian His “An Oriental Odyssey” Co-Star

On 15th March 2021, Zhang Yujian wrote a Weibo post which seemingly confirmed he has a child with the actress, Wu Qian.

Zhang Yujian Confessed That He’s Married to Wu Qian with a Child

In a Weibo post seemingly directed at the paparazzi who snapped pictures of his wife and daughter, he said:

“[I have] an ordinary love life, marriage and lovely child. According to standard legal procedures. I don’t care if you criticize me because I don’t know you. I have no obligation to tell you any personal matters. I just want to give the child a normal growth environemnt You really shouldn’t take pictures of my daughter and expose my daughter’s name. This time, her parents have neglected their duty and failed to protect her. Her mother blames herself and feels very sad up to now. Don’t do this again.”

This was in response to rumours that Wu Qian had a daughter, as she was photographed outside eating with her child. Zhang Yujian was rumoured to be the father of her child, and fans accused the pair of “hiding their marriage and child” from the public.

Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian As Leads For An Oriental Oddessy

Netizens Respond To Zhang Yujian’s Marriage To Wu Qian

It is understandable that some fans felt upset about Zhang Yujian’s concealment of his marriage to Wu Qian, as he recently only expressed in an interview about himself being single. This opinion was made in 2019 a variety show, where Zhang Yujian publicly stated that he was single. He even stated,”I also want to find a girlfriend, and to be honest, a girl who will fall in love with me.”

Zhang Yujian Claimed That He Was Single In 2019

However, from the perspective of time, he was already married and had a child at that time. Zhang Yujian’s behavior seemed extremely deceptive, so it stirred the doubts of netizens. Some angry fans and netizens accused him of selling his “single” status to maintain his popularity so that he could continue getting their support. They also felt that he was irresponsible for hiding the truth.


Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian were Photographed Cuddling On Previous Occasions, But Neither Confirmed Or Denied The Rumours

However, some are more than happy to learn that Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian are officially married. Both have acted multiple times together as the leads for the Chinese dramas, “An Oriental Odyssey“ and “Le Coup De Foudre” together.

As though 2021 wasn’t a year already full of hidden marriages and secret children, from the likes of Zheng Shuang’s surrogate children scandal, Hua Chenyu’s secret child with Zhang Bi Chen, Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian’s story for now, appears the least out of the ordinary.

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