Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bi Chen Admit To Having A Daughter From Their Relationship in 2018

Today, the singers Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen confirmed that they shared a child together. This comes as a surprise as both the popular singers were previously not linked to each other.

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bi Chen Admit To Having A Daughter From Their Relationship in 2018
Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bi Chen Admit To Having A Daughter From Their Relationship in 2018

What happened?

This morning, Hua Chenyu began to trend on the Weibo hot search following rumours of his alleged ‘secret marriage’ to the singer Zhang Bichen, which also allegedly involved the ‘birth of a one-year old child’.

A screenshot of a netizen apparently disclosing that a male idol with over 30 million fans on Weibo also had a secret marriage and a child. Netizens began to speculate that the individual in question was Hua Chenyu. Other netizens then began to link Hua Chenyu with singer Zhang Bichen and backed these rumours up by flashing photos of the two in “couple outfit”.

His cousin allegedly stepped up to refute the rumours with his Weibo account

Hua Chenyu Admits To Having A One-Year Old Daughter

However, things took a drastic turn this evening as the singer Hua Chenyu himself officially announced on Weibo that he indeed had a child in two separate posts.

Hua Chenyu Admits to having a daughter with Zhang Bichen
Hua Chenyu Admits to having a daughter with Zhang Bichen

In the first post, he wrote:

“Yes, we have a child.”

In a follow up post, he continued:

“The arrival of this child has really healed me a lot. I am very happy that God brought me such a special gift. Although it was sudden, but also very happy news, we will do our best to give a healthy and happy growth environment for the child. The most surprising thing is that she likes music very much.

She often sings “Bullfighting” while jumping and dancing all by herself. This is her favorite song. Even when she goes to bed, she has to listen to this song to fall asleep. She is also very good at acting cute. When she wants to eat snacks, she always try to make [us] happy in various ways. She also cares about others. Whenever she gets delicious food, she always says, “Mom and Dad eat first”.

She is really adorable and she has grown up very well. I feel very happy to see her. The reason why it has not been made public is mainly because things are a bit complicated. I am afraid that if these things are not explained clearly, it will cause my fans to worry. At the same time, I wanted to let the child to grow up in a quiet environment without being affected by the outside world. Now that it has been revealed we will all face everyone’s doubts and questions calmly. This incident may make my fans feel like it all came too suddenly. I can only hope that everyone understands, thank you all.”


Zhang Bichen Issues a Statement on her child with Hua Chenyu
Zhang Bichen Issues a Statement on her child with Hua Chenyu

The singer Zhang Bichen also wrote a long Weibo post, shedding light on how the child was conceived of in the first place.

“I hope you can patiently [read until the end].

In the fall of 2018, when I knew that I was pregnant, I was in total disbelief and confusion. Although Huahua and I were together, we also look forward to living [together] in the future, but the plan never involved having children or a marriage at least within the coming few years. So I completely panicked at that time and didn’t know what to do. Perhaps for me, having a child of my own and a child that I loved before the age of 30 was one of my biggest dream besides singing and becoming a singer. But when I made the decision to give birth to this child, I was so confused that I didn’t know how to tell Huahua, and I didn’t think about how he would respond to me. I chose to leave and I chose not to tell him anything. I decided that I would handle things on my own.

I left him without giving any reason why I left. I just told him not to contact me again. For a long time, I didn’t answer his phone calls or reply to his WeChat, so that he could not find me, and slowly we drifted apart. I know that I was actually stupid to do this, but I was so flustered and scared. At that time, this matter was far beyond everything that I could have imagined. So without Hua hua’s knowledge, I went through pregnancy and the delivery of the baby alone, and I also successfully became a mother.

As the child grew up, I became more and more involved in the role of being mother. Then, I felt that I really made a very irrational decision. I deprived the child of the right to have a father and at the same time deprived Huahua [the chance] of being a father. I did not give him the right to look at the child and decide for himself [if he wanted to adopt her]. So I decided that I should tell him and let him know that he has a daughter. Then I met up with him. He was also dumbfounded at the time, but after the initial confusion, the warmth and joy in his eyes couldn’t deceive anyone the moment he saw our child. He told me that he was very sorry that he had not been able to spend the pregnancy with me. He said that he wanted to give the child a complete identity card, so we settled down. He told me at the time that he would also love his child and let her be happy, healthy and to provide for a good environment for the sake of her upbringing. Therefore, although we have been separated for so long and our lives have changed a lot during the separation, we strive to reconnect. The most important thing is to let our child feel the love and the warmth of a family.

Our child is healthy and smart, and she is very well loved every day. Her maternal and paternal grandparents, and parents love her very much. She is really growing up very well.

I’m sorry to haven hidden this issue [from the public] for so long. All the concealment is more to protect this child and to let her grow up in a peaceful and happy environment so that [I can]give her a life full of love. I am sorry to the fans and all those who care about us and thank you for reading my letter.

From the two statement, it appears that Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen have had a relationship in 2018.

Are Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen married?

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen pictured during their variety show together
Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen pictured during their variety show together

When asked if Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen are married, Hua Chenyu‘s studio representative responded, “Thank you for your attention, Hua Hua [Hua Chenyu] is currently single. Both parties will raise the child together and take active roles in the upbringing of the child together without being in a marriage.”

From the statement, both parties are seemingly co-parenting the child together, though they remain unmarried.

Past interactions between Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen has previously also appeared in a variety show together and upon closer inspection netizens realized that both looked adorable together. In the show, Zhang Bichen asked Hua Chenyu not to sleep on the sofa yet the male singer only decided to move after she helped to massage his shoulders.

However this news comes as a surprise to many Chinese netizens since many are reeling from the recent news of Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy controversy. 

Fortunately, netizens appear to be mostly supportive of this announcement with some expressing that the child is lucky to have two superstar singers as their parents.

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