Wang Fei Fei Responds To Criticisms That She and Meng Jia “Cannot Be Famous Again”

Wang Fei Fei, one of the participants for the popular survival show, Cheng Feng Po Lang De Jie Jie (CFPLDJJ) posted a Weibo blog in response to criticisms that she and fellow participant, Meng Jia “cannot become famous again.”

Wang Fei Fei is a current participant for the show, “CFPLDJJ” (乘风破浪的姐姐)

The former member of the internationally well-known K-pop girl group, Miss A, gave her statement after receiving many messages and comments indicating that her and ex-group mate, Meng Jia, are “plastic sisters” and “unlikely to become popular again” in the entertainment industry.

Wang Fei Fei responds with an official blog post on Weibo

I have been receiving a lot of weird messages and comments lately. Even though every time I see them I try not to care about it, these two days I didn’t think it was right to let it sit in my heart.

Some people said that there is no chance for me and Meng Jia to become ‘famous again’ with this programme [CFPLDJJ] because we’ve never been famous before. Sure! Since you said we won’t go big so be it. And since we are no longer famous than just let us be and don’t keep criticising, or you’ll get seen as a joke by others.

Also, some people said that we are “plastic sisters” (i.e. friends only on the outside for the TV show) and that in the entertainment industry there’s no such thing as genuine relationships. To that, I can only say that who you are determine how you see the world, and that some things don’t have to be showcased to the entire world for it to be considered precious enough. What is even more amusing is that some people have also said that this is just a variety show, and that it is more important to put up a show rather than to be too serious on stage. I want to say, that you are really underestimating this program too much. No one is just here to have fun, since the goal of this program is to create a “girl group” why can’t I be allowed to be serious about being in a girl group?  I  will not let myself be remembered on social media as a performer who is not fit for the stage. Our “Big Bowl Thick Noodles” stage is mine and Meng Jia’s first performance together since our disbandment [from Miss A] and I really cherish this opportunity. Whether or not I share a good relationship [with Meng Jia] is not for you to determine, I want it to be for me to determine!

Lastly, famous or not, like it or not, I am thankful for everyone’s support and attention. A grateful heart ❤️ #ListenToJieJieSpeak

In support of Wang Fei Fei’s statement, ex-bandmate Meng Jia also left a heartwarming comment below her post, “The love between you and I, no one can have the right to say this or that! For those who are jealous, there is elsewhere better to be.”

Former Miss A member Jia shares photos from reunion with Fei and ...Wang Fei Fei and Meng Jia share a friendship that pre-dates the show itself, as they have debuted together in the K-pop girl group, “Miss A”

In response, Wang Fei Fei also replied to Meng Jia, saying “Yes!”, showcasing their strong friendship.

Wang Fei Fei and Meng Jia are seen to share nostalgic moments together on the show, such as dancing to Miss A’s debut song, “Bad Girl Good Girl”!

Netizens were all eager to show their support for Wang Fei Fei’s straightforward post, saying “Such is the case with jealous people. Don’t be bothered by them, just do what you want to do. We will always be your strong supporters” and also “Jie jie, don’t care too much, we love you and Meng Jia, fighting!”

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