Chen Kun Reacts To The Controversy Surrounding His Son’s Biological Mother

Chen Kun was at the heart of a controversial discussions lately, as rumors about the actual identity of his son’s mother ran rife.

Though the actor has revealed the name of his son to the public, he has never made any official announcement about whether or not he has a wife. Nothing official had also ever been made known about his son’s mother.

Recently, Chen Kun’s son, Alex Chen, had graduated from high school and posted photos of himself and his family on the Internet. This triggered suspicion and discussion among netizens about who might be the child’s mother, or Chen Kun ‘s wife. 

Chen Kun
Chen Kun

Some fans of the actor were very dissatisfied with the accusations and repeatedly asked for Chen Kun to clarify the issue. They also urged the actor to seek legal action against those who made up the rumors. However, Chen Kun replied to his fans: “What is there to clarify? Are you supposed to go and argue with someone who invents rumors what’s right and wrong?”

He added, “It’s not a big deal.” and “This isn’t a big issue, just ignore it and it’ll be ok. What’s fake can’t be real.”

However, netizens have not stopped attempting to guess the identity of the child’s biological mother.

Chen Kun Writes An Indirect Weibo Statement

While Chen Kun chose not to address the issue outright, he wrote a post on Weibo seemingly responding to the issue:

“Live your own life , live well by yourself, being able to live up to your own standards is happiness. Don’t force others to accept you. Because whether they accept it or not, you can still live the way you would like to.”

– Chen Kun’s Weibo Post

Netizens React To A Sina News Article Covering The Actor’s Weibo Post

Source: Sina News Article (50 comments, 560 participants]

[+176] Why let this trash news consume public resources?

[+112] Shitty person, shitty problem.

[+62] A child from surrogacy.

[+34 – Posted as a reply to +62 ] [He is] always hiding and tucking away [the matter], just directly admit the biological parent and all’s good. Instead of keeping the public guessing and guessing, unless there’s something about it that is unspeakable

[+32] This problem will be the only cause of his popularity for his entire life. Whenever he’s forgotten, he’ll stir this issue up. When no one cares, he’ll reply to this issue himself. Whoever [he] loves, whoever [he] wants to mate with, [he] can mate with. Who cares?

[+12] Just talk about this child’s history directly, it’s not like he popped out of a rock.

chen kun wife

Reactions to The Actor’s Weibo Post

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Source: Chen Kun’s Weibo post

[+1702] Kick away the chicken soup for the soul, I’m already tired of drinking it. Now it’s the age of a society governed by law, you can issue legal warnings to [those] who invent rumors out of nowhere. Please let me see how Dong Shen’s official seal looks like.

[+1564] Just now, Chen Kun explained what’s “happiness”

[+639] If you don’t want to talk about it, be more direct about it. Look after yourself first, some people have too much free time.

[+372] Be happy

[+114] Brother, live your own life, everyone is doing so. [We know] what you’re trying to say.

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