“Falling Into Your Smile” Debuts To Frosty Reception From Netizens

Following the airing of the drama, “Falling Into Your Smile”, some netizens have been critical about the drama’s first episode. As the drama’s storyline incorporates the identity of real players from China’s League of Legends teams, many felt that the narrative had been twisted so that there would more obstacles on the path to love than necessary.

According to the angry netizens, the drama also portrayed characters as faking fight matches so as to fall in love.

The characters of this drama took on the names of real life e-sports players and were portrayed in manner that strayed from the personalities of these peope in reality, this angered the e-sports circle even more.

Netizens were also aghast that in the drama, it appears that the main characters can simply win the trophy just from being in love. They viewed the show as a grave insult to the e-sports culture.

falling into your smile cheng xiao xu kai

However, the anger is not unforeseen, as the original novel that inspired the drama was very controversial and angered the e-sports circle. After the TV series premiered last night, there was almost a lot of scolding on the Internet, and the topics related to the show were bombarded with negative reviews on the hot search.

Netizens React to Sina New’s Weibo Post Promoting “Falling Into Your Smile”.

Source: Sina Weibo News Post

Sina Weibo’s promotional post: Tong Yao met her “boy god” Lu Sicheng in the lift, and couldn’t help her happiness, so started muttering, “He’s in the same lift as me and we’re breathing in the same air”. But turning, she couldn’t press the elevator button and was really awkward, quickly explaining, “I can reach it, I just have too many things in my hands.” What do you think?

Netizen reactions:

[+15,000] You copied, crawl away (Picture Attached: Stolen ID, stolen lives, stolen competition; “Falling Into Your Copying”)
[+10,000] Copycat drama?
[+8996] Copycat drama, if you know, you know
[+6729] Copycat drama, will definitely flop!!! 😡
[+3985] Promoting a trash drama?

*All comments are made by people who have followed the Sina News official Weibo page for at least 7 days.

Netizens React to an Influencer’s Post Promoting “Falling Into Your Smile”

Source: Weibo drama influencer post

Influencer Post: Who hasn’t seen Cheng Xiao’s Tong Yao, go quickly! Really sweet usually, but glows when she’s doing what she likes; honestly, Cheng Xiao is so suited to this kind of drama. It’s the main female lead I want to see~

[+2328] (Attached photo comment: Because the actors accepted the roles, the resources were there, you copied. Because the fans were brainwashed, it’s like the actors can just do what they want. Reject the actors having no blame. It’s copying!)

[+1033] Stupid copycat drama

[+396] Cheng Xiao yyds

[+479]They [referring to the real e-sports stars] are real people. Every year, every day, they spend 10+ hours in front of the computer to increase their rank, and this is real. They face the highest mountains and keep falling, but constantly get up again and work so hard they bleed. Their blood, sweat and tears is really there because of themselves, but an author used their real names and twisted them into girls and boys who prevent the main characters from easily falling in love, what right do you have???

[+149] Really like Cheng Xiao’s Tong Yao

*All comments are made by people who have followed the TV drama influencer’s Weibo page for at least 7 days.

Netizens React to Mango Entertainment’s Post Promoting The Drama

Source: Mango Entertainment Post

Post details: The can-be-salty, can-be-sweet Tong Yao stunned from when she appeared. She chases her dreams and puts her whole heart into e-sports, which she likes; Cheng Xiao’s Tong Yao can be said as like herself. Her modern look is incredible, it’s definitely my ideal girls’ looks, attracting lots of fans. Let’s follow Tong Yao and see her walk forward! [+9857]

[+2882] Don’t buy a hot search for copycat dramas, you’re insulting the competitors and promoting a fake competition, even dogs won’t watch it 🤮

[+1924] He is Bencheng’s smile, Chen Shengjun’s face, SMLZ’s personality, Lengshao’s money and UZI’s skills. She is main character godv, Xiye’s personality. Welcome everyone, watch them fall in love.

[+1155] Insulting e-sports and professional players, terrible drama and terrible money, always die (Picture: Stolen ID, stolen lives, stolen competition; “Falling Into Your Copying”)

[+157] It’s too sweet

[+286] This girl looks really pretty

[+52] Tong Yao’s acting skills are really good, it’s really surprising

*All comments are made by people who have followed the Mango Entertainment Weibo page for at least 7 days.

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