The Day Of Becoming You Drama Review

The Day of Becoming You (变成你的那一天) is an urban romance drama with a current Douban rating score of 7.9 out of 10, after being reviewed by 60319 viewers. The drama is starring Steven Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie as the main characters.

the day of becoming you drama review

For now, the breakdown of ratings on Douban are as follows:

5 stars – rated by 22.6% of the viewers.
4 stars – rated by 49.6% of the viewers.
3 stars – rated by 23.9% of the viewers.
2 stars – rated by 3.0% of the viewers.
1 stars – rated by 0.9% of the viewers.

As the show progresses, the ratings may continue to change as more and more viewers will rate the drama. Existing reviews we have translated may change too, for “The Day of Becoming You”.

Without further ado, let us now examine the comments made by Chinese drama viewers on Douban to learn about their thoughts on the show.

Good reviews

Positive comments currently make up 81% of the total reviews on Douban.

Drama review score by commenter: 5/5.

Amazing, such an old-fashioned storyline, yet it’s so funny. Zhang Xincheng is so suitable when it comes to acting as an omega […] [+1746]

Drama review score by commenter: 4/5

Four stars rating for Zhang Xincheng. He deserves it [+1270]

Drama review score by commenter: 4/5

The good looking Zhang Xincheng whose every action looks like a girl who is trying to act cute! What great acting! [+1280]

Neutral Reviews

Neutral comments currently make up 13% of the total reviews on Douban.

Drama review score by commenter: 3/5

The plot is very old-fashioned. The female lead’s difference in acting skills is too obvious when placed in comparison with the male lead. When they exchanged bodies, the male lead who acted with the female soul is very lively, while the female lead acting with the male soul is very rigid and monotonous. [+1567]

Bad Reviews

Negative comments currently make up 6% of the total reviews on Douban.

Drama review score by commenter: 2/5

[The show] added the theme of love, tried to change the the “tone”of love and brought up the issues faced by women in today’s society. In this context, the two leads exchanged bodies. But the ending is that the comedic elements of the show are still not comparable to [the old drama] “Never Say Die.” It’s making things difficult for Zhang Xincheng when he acted so hard. The production and CP effect wasn’t enough. At the end, [the drama can only be described by] the word ‘awkward’ and that expression you make when you can’t laugh though the pain. [+273]

Is The Day Of Becoming You Worth Watching?

The Day of Becoming You Drama Review
The Day of Becoming You Drama Review

Ultimately, the concept of ‘exchanging souls’ between the male and female lead is a rather cliche one. In Asian dramas, this concept has been used throughout shows such as Secret Garden (2010) and Never Say Die (2017).

If soul-switching rom-com is your cup of tea, the show might just be for you!

You can read more about the drama synopsis and trailer here.

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Note that the ratings and top comment numbers will change as the show runs on, these numbers are only accurate at the point of publication.

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