The Day of Becoming You – Liang Jie and Steven Zhang Xincheng

“The Day of Becoming You” (变成你的那一天) is an urban rom-com Chinese drama starring Liang Jie and Steven Zhang Xincheng. It revolves around the life of the celebrity Jiang Yi and reporter Yu Sheng Sheng who exchange bodies by mistake.

The show first premiered on iQiyi on June 17, 2021.

The Day of Becoming You Drama Poster
The Day of Becoming You

Drama Info:

Title: The Day of Becoming You
Native Title: 变成你的那一天 (Bian Cheng Ni De Na Yi Tian)
Total Episodes: 26
Release Date: June 17, 2021
End Date: July 15, 202
Episode Length: 45 minutes
Broadcast Platforms: iQiyi
Frequency: 2 episodes every Thursday to Saturday
Film Location: Haikou
Director: Wang Zheng
Screenwriter: Wang Xiongcheng
Starring: Steven Zhang Xincheng, Liang Jie, Zhao Zhiwei and Wang Wei 
Genre: Romance Drama 
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Plot Synopsis:

The Day of Becoming You Drama Poster

The Day Of Becoming You revolves around the main female protagonist, Yu Shengsheng (played by Liang Jie). She works as an entertainment reporter and has the characteristics of a natural “antagonist.”

She and the handsome celebrity, Jiang Yi, (portrayed by Steven Zhang) exchanged lives because due to an accident. 

Faced with the situation, the two are extremely unprepared with the challenges that life throws at them and can only guide each other and help each other cover up their tracks.

In the process, a series of sweet and funny events happen, and the two’s lives become increasingly intertwined. In what seemed like a normal and mundane path of life, the special situation puts the two parties under the setting where they contemplate about their love lives and lives as each other. As people are multi-faceted, the exchange of “lives” forces both to be in a position to start thinking about empathizing with each other. They each other’s lives, they also learn to eliminate existing stereotypes each other have, and to carefully created a small and beautiful situation where they eventually fall in love.


Cast & Characters:

Zhang Xin Cheng

Steven Zhang Xincheng

Zhang Xin Cheng 张新成 as Jiang Yi 江熠
Jiang Yi is the leader of his popular celebrity boy group. In the eyes of the public, he has the cold “male god” aura, though he is privately is a stereotyped as a classic “otaku”.

Liang Jie

Liang Jie The day of becoming you

Liang Jie 梁洁 as Yu Sheng Sheng 余声声
An entertainment official account reporter, Yu Shengsheng is an ordinary girl from a happy family. She is optimistic and outgoing, good at observation and analysis, and meticulous in everything she does.

Supporting Characters

Zhao Zhi Wei

Zhao Zhi Wei (赵志伟) as Shen Bo Qing (沈泊青)

Shen Bo Qing is a handsome surgeon who is also a gentleman. He was Yu Shengsheng’s senior in high school and he has always liked her secretly.

Wang Wei

Wang Wei (王薇) as Tong Hua (佟婳)

An entertainment official account reporter, with a straightforward character and capable of doing things. She also has many strange connections. She is Yu Shengsheng’s university roommate is also her best girlfriend.

Zhou Tuyuan

Zhou Tuyuan (周士原) as Pei Jiashu (裴伽树)

A member of the same boy group as Jiang Yi, he is the noble son born in a good family. He is very competitive though he lacks a common sense of what he wants from life. He is the idol of Yu Shengsheng, and has always enjoyed the worship of fans. He is also very adoring of his fans.

Su Xunlun

Su Xunlun (苏勋伦) as Cheng Leyi

He is the member of the same celebrity boy group, and he has a lively personality. He likes an active atmosphere, and is in charge of all the cuteness in the boy group.

The Day of Becoming You Drama OST Playlist

  1. Whisperer (耳语者, Er Yu Zhe) by Liang Jie

2. “My Soul” by Steven Zhang Xincheng

3. “I See You” by Qian Xi 茜西

4. “Crush On” by Lu Siying

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