Liang Jie Confirms Break-Up with Fiance Pu Bajia

Liang Jie has been the long-time girlfriend of Pu Jiaba. The Tibetian singer proposed to the actress in 2018.

The actress is best known for her role in “The Eternal Favored Concubine” where she became popular after the start of the show. Her popularity has seen grown, and so did her fan base.

Liang Jie
Liang Jie

Tibetan singer Pu Ba Jia has participated in film and television dramas such as “Forging Knife” and “Chang Er Zhuan”, and has an established place in the industry as a musician.

Liang Jie and Pu Jiaba announce their break-up

It is worth noting that on May 18, Liang Jie and Pu Bajia released a dynamic farewell. They all posted on their Weibo account “I was very happy before, and there will be no problems in the future”, and in the end they gave each other a shoutout on Weibo. Both the personal studios of the celebrities have announced that they have long ended their relationship.

Pu Bajia breakup
Pu Bajia confirmed their break up
Liang Jie break up
Liang Jie affirmed their amicable parting

According to the personal studio statement, Liang Jie’s relationship with Pu Bajia ended as early as last year, and ceased interacting as lovers. The two appeared to have parted ways for more than half a year. After the announcement, many fans were happy for the actress, and even some fans admitted frankly that they wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate.

Liang Jie studio
Liang Jie’s studio confirms the announcement

In fact, when the relationship between Liang Jie and Pubajia was announced, many fans were unhappy about the news. The actress is born in 1994 and is merely 27 years old. However, Pu Bajia is born in 1985 and is currently 35 years old. The age gap saw the disapproval from some fans. 

Liang Jie
Liang Jie

Although many fans resisted the relationship between the two, Liang Jie and Pu Bajia had sustained it it for many years. It is reported that in February 2018, Pu Bajia proposed to the actress and that she had also accepted Pu Bajia’s romantic proposal. She also made a post about it on Weibo. From this point of view, the two were on their way to get married as early as three years ago.

Purba Rgyal
Purba Rgyal also known as Pu Jiaba

However, what is unexpected is that three years following their engagement, Liang Jie and Pu Bajia successively announced their breakup. The two’s private studio also announced their breakup statement. In fact, as early as last year, some netizens broke the news that the actress had already deleted the Weibo post of Pu Bajia’s romantic proposal, and many suspected that they have broken up.

Netizens suspect a break up
Netizens suspect a break up when Liang Jie deleted their proposal post

Netizens React To Their Break-Up

Some netizens broke the news on a social media that Pu Bajia had made yet another proposal while filming, but got rejected by the female in question. Later, a reporter asked about Pu Bajia’s the alleged romantic proposal to actress Xu Dong Dong. Then, Pubajia denied that he had proposed to Xu Dongdong romantically. Some netizens were inclined to believe that Pu Bajia was not sincere about his relationship with Liang Jie, as he “proposes to every girl he films with.”

Netizens call out Pu Bajia for being allegedly insincere

After seeing such a revelation, many netizens are unanimously optimistic about their break up.

Netizens commented frankly, stating “Liang Jie is a beautiful girl, she should expect good treatment in return.” Other netizens said, “Finally, it’s great.”

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