Esther Yu and Ryan Ding Yuxi Take On Roles The Sweet Editor And The Jealous Author in “Moonlight”

Although the love story has no complicated plot, the identities of the characters in “Moonlight” by Esther Yu and Ding Yuxi are very novel and unique.

The TV series “Moonlight” will be released on Chinese Valentines day on 20th May. As an urban romance drama, the fact that the date of broadcast is on 520 adds a unique sweetness to the drama. What followed was a trailer showing the relationship between the characters in the play and the story of the two people falling in love. 

esther yu moonlight

Esther Yu As Chu Li, The Editor In Chief

Chuli is a fresh graduate. She dreamed of becoming an editor since she was young, but her mother disagreed and forced her to study finance. After graduation, she went to Shanghai to interview at the publishing house she had always longed for. However, because her major has nothing to do with editors and was not on the interview list, the publisher did not admit her. It was not until later that she helped the editor-in-chief of the publishing house, that the editor-in-chief admitted her.

Although the writer Chuli has not been in the industry for a long time, she is very serious about her work and is not afraid of famous writers like Zhou Chuan. 

Ding Yuxi Plays Zhou Chuan, The Jealous Writer

Zhou Chuan is a highly popular writer. His father is also a very famous writer in the literary world. He has always wanted to surpass his father, and his character is also very fun. He is called “Warm and Run as Yu Gongzichuan” by book fans, but In fact, in private, he is a very narcissistic and arrogant, who can get quite dramatic. Zhou Chuan later discovers the identity of Chu Li, who turned out to be a fan of his online. But what made Zhou Chuan most upset is that Chuli is not only his editor, but also the chief editor in charge of another writer.

It is Chuli’s concern for the another writer arouses a sense of strong jealousy in Zhou Chuan. In most previous romance dramas, the male protagonist has some kind of identity similar to the alpha male, but the choice of the writer the protagonist in this show is a significant breakthrough, and the heroine’s editor-in-chief identity is also a breakthrough, as it is not often such jobs get portrayed in dramas.

esther yu ding yuxi

In the drama trailer, Esther Yu Shuxin always retains her own signature style. She wears a sweet smile and has a way with her words. Yet, her sweetness has a twist to it, as she is incredibly bold. Chu Li isn’t afraid of asking the other party if they are jealous, or if the other party likes her directly. While she may appear to forward, this is also part of Chu Li’s charm. Funnily enough, Chu Li also does not like it when other male writers attempt to touch her, so she repeatedly “makes trouble” and stirs problems every time she encounters the situation.

Drama Plotline

The role played by Ding Yuxi is also interesting. First, he is a popular author in the show who believes that the world has no space fo editors. In terms of styling, he dons on a nerdier appearance, in half-length hair and golden-rimmed glasses. His character is also a key highlight, as he gets jealous easily over Chu Li. But Chu Li is also his ardent fan online, and he only realizes this afterwards

Esther yu moonlight

The elements of this drama can probably be described by the words “colleagues”, “netizens”, and “jealousy.”

But young actors such as Ding Yuxi and Esther Yu Shuxin can actually satisfy the visual preferences of their audience. 

In particular, Ryan Ding Yuxi’s films in the past few years have been satisfactory. However, some may comment that he lacks a ‘breakthrough’ role as he has mainly been casted in sweet romance dramas. His jealous author role is certainly not new. If he does decide to take on more and more such similar roles, he may be limiting his career options. This is because actors of his age would have already tried on various newer roles.


The style of this Chinese romance drama is relaxed and sweet: the two heroes and heroines attract each other. In doing so, they not only completing the task of writing the book, but also spin a love story out of it. Judging from the drama’s trailer, the production of this show is likely to be pretty good. 

The advantage of this low-cost TV series is that the story is not complicated. For now, many viewers still hold a positive attitude towards the show. Some people like the cast and some people like the characters.

Be sure to watch the show at 8PM on every Thursday!

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