Zhang Yanqi To Sign With 88rising Following R1SE’s Disbandment

Former R1SE member Zhang Yanqi has announced that he will join 88rising, a mass media company to create a new music label, “SEVENATION”. 

The media company has been an increasing popular destination for many C-pop stars, as it counts celebrities such as Jackson Wang and Kris Wu among its collaborating artists.

Zhang Yanqi Will Jointly Create A New Music Label

It is reported that the SEVENATION label will devote itself to creating music works with more sharpness and attitude for Zhang Yanqi. Zhang Yanqi, who recently graduated from the idol group R1SE, has always been loved by fans for his dynamic and interesting personality. Additionally, he is also considered to be very gifted in making music.

Zhang Yanqi
Zhang Yanqi

His solo career development has been flagged as one to watch by the entertainment industry and the outsiders. After graduating from R1SE, Zhang Yanqi has set up a personal studio for the first time, declaring that he has not forgotten his attitude and original intent towards developing his music career. He also promised to devote more energy and time to improving his works. 

Thus, it seemed apt that Zhang Yanqi announced his union with 88rising, a music label that has been deeply involved in the C-pop scene pioneering music content over the years. With his creative streak, the decision for him to jointly create a new music label SEVENATION, proved that the label seemed eager to devote resources to develop its music brand.


The Former R1SE Member Will Develop His Solo Career With 88rising

88rising is an American mass media company that has been known for being a young, creative and energetic company. It is a popular brand among many youth audiences. The label’s existing artistes include the likes of Higher Brothers, Lexie Liu and Chung Ha among many others. The label has incorporated an avant-garde youth culture and have a mission of pioneering a platform for highly representative forward-thinking music artiste and creators. 

The music label SEVENATION jointly created by Zhang Yanqi and 88rising not only combines the advantages of both parties to present better musical works to the public, but it also allows for an in-depth dialogue between the music circle and the younger generation.

The SEVENATION label will be dedicated to the creation of diverse music about trends, attitudes, pioneers, vitality and energy. Interpreting the SEVENATION label from the literal meaning, the number “7” means “Qi” and represents Zhang Yanqi. The label concept is intended to join hands with the outstanding young musician Zhang Yanqi to launch a new exploration in a purer and more open music field.

The brand upgrade will also give more international vision, pioneering colors and creative energy on the basis of Zhang Yanqi’s personal expression, presenting a younger and more interesting creative expression and music trend.

zhang yanqi 88rising

The “SEVENATION” music label became a trending topic as soon as it was officially announced.

Zhang Yanqi’s studio also shared the latest itinerary for the cooperation, causing excitement among fans. In future, where more stages and variety shows will be available for the idols to showcase his works, fans can also look forward to his new music. 

It is reported that the idol will release his solo single in July, along with his first personal new EP in the future. He will also have variety shows and other stages lined up for him. At the same time, Zhang Yanqi’s schedule is not short of various magazine shootings and brand events to attend.

For now, it appears that Zhang Yanqi and 88rising have alot planned for their audience audience. The SEVENATION label will be an interesting project that could potentially help to enrich the C-pop industry even further.

For now, it seems like Zhang Yanqi and his new label will have more surprises for the public in the future.

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