Xiao Zhan Gets Besieged By Fans After A Hotpot Restaurant Allegedly Leaked Details of His Whereabouts

Recently, Xiao Zhan’s live-stage performance for the play, “A Dream Like A Dream” went on very smoothly at its Chengdu performance venue. After the crew had wrapped up their last performance in city, the cast planned a celebratory feast to enjoy a meal together. The feast took place at Tan Ya Xue Hotpot Restaurant, and the restaurant was fully booked for the event.

However, shortly after the crew arrived for their meal together, Xiao Zhan and his fellow cast members were suddenly besieged by many fans, and the whole celebration banquet became extremely crowded.

It is understood without question that whenever a restaurant received a celebrity diner, it was an unsaid rule for the restaurant to keep the celebrity’s visit a hush affair, at least during the span of their visit. Afterall, it would attract a large crowd and cause much inconvenience to the celebrity patron.

Tan Yaxue Hotpot Restaurant Allegedly Leaked The Details of Xiao Zhan’s Whereabouts Beforehand

Unfortunately, such a business practice was not layman understanding for Tan Yaxue Hotpot Restaurant. The restaurant’s staff had allegedly leaked the news that Xiao Zhan and his “Dream Like A Dream” cast would be dining in for dinner, causing huge crowds to show up.Soon, restaurant could not hold back the eager crowds that began to gather. Very soon, the entire area became extremely crowded Xiao Zhan was besieged by the crowd. He hurriedly left the scene, and it was not known if he had finished his meal or not.

The situation at that point in time became very chaotic.

Fans Call out The Restaurant For Its Unprofessional Business Practices

What originally could have been a great marketing opportunity for the restaurant became a publicity nightmare. Fans started to blast the restaurant for its unprofessional practice of compromising the privacy of its patrons. The uproar was further fuelled by the fact that the diner did not have the permission of the star to expose the details of his whereabouts.

Tan Yaxue hotpot restaurant later wrote an apology on Weibo:

“We were too excited earlier, so we unintentionally caused disruptions to the celebratory feast. At this point in time we want to say sorry to the guest who came for the banquet dinner. Tan Tan’s staff will do their best to escort all guests out of the restaurant safely! We thank the cast of “A Dream Like A Dream” for coming to our restaurant. We felt everyone’s enthusiasm and also remind everyone to refrain from crowding the area, and also to go home safely.”

Tan Yaxue hotpot restaurant issued an official Weibo statement

Subsequently, Tan Yaxue Hotpot Restaurant posted an apology on the official Weibo, claiming that they were overly excited and not considerate. However, some of Xiao Zhan’s fans voiced their displeasure that the store fell short of taking direct responsibility for leaking Xiao Zhan’s whereabouts.

Xiao Zhan Remained Unfazed by The Short-Lived Celebratory Dinner

Despite the chaotic end to the hotpot dinner event, Xiao Zhan remained positive as he continued to shared photos of his hotpot meal on social media.

Xiao Zhan relaxed

The actor appeared calm and relaxed after his meal, as he shared photos of himself resting with the city’s skyline as the backdrop. It appeared that he did not put the chaotic situation at heart and opted to share about his serene mood that day.

Fans can be reassured by the fact that the actor appeared to have enjoyed his day very much, after completing his performance in Chengdu.

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