You and I Are Kings (2021)

You and I Are Kings is a Chinese variety show (2021) starring Yang Mi, Simon Gong, Zhang Han. The expected release date of the show is on 19 September 2021.

Zhang Xinyao, The Former CHUANG 2021 Trainee Apologizes For Sexual Remarks Made In The Past

Recently, Former CHUANG 2021 Trainee Zhang Xinyao's early remarks aroused heated discussions among netizens. The idol has since spoken up about the issue and apologized to his fans on Weibo.

Zhang Zhehan Issues An Apology Past Photos That Showcased His Visit To Controversial Wartime Shrines In Japan

On August 13, Zhang Zhehan issued an apology for the recent controversy surrounding his past photos on Weibo, where netizens accused him of displaying "pro-Japanese" sentiments.

Wang Yibo Gets His Flight Cancelled And Had To Leave The Airport To Wait For Another Plane

On the 12th of August, 2021, Wang Yibo was spotted going to the airport for a flight to Changsha for a new variety show recording. Unfortunately, the flight got cancelled, and the idol was...

Street Dance of China 4 To Air on August 14th Onwards

On August 9th, the street dance reality show "Street Dance of China 4" officially announced that the show, starring Team Captain Han Geng, Henry Lau, Wang Yibo, and Lay Zhang Yixing (in order of...

Stage Boom (2021)

Stage Boom is a Chinese variety Show (2021) by iQiyi. The Stage Boom cast members consist of Betty Wu Xuanyi, Yamy, Song Yuqi, Zhou Jieqiong, An Qi, Lu Keran, Chen Zhuoxuan, Dan Yichun and...

Stage Boom Airs With A Boom, Starring Zhou Jieqiong, Wu Xuanyi, Chen Zhouxuan, Song Yuqi and More!

iQiyi's new variety show, Stage Boom, started airing on the 5th of August. It's a show that has 33 stages and aims to give more stage opportunities to female artists who've already debuted but...

Meng Meiqi To Take Part in Variety Show, “Born to Dance”

As of today (5 August), iQiyi's announced the mentors of its upcoming dance show, BORN TO DANCE! After Liu Yuxin's departure from the show a month ago due to body complications, iQiyi announces its...

Xu Kai Publicly Rebukes Sishengs

Sishengs are fans who invade celebrities' private lifestyles. The name comes from the Korean word "sasaeng", which has the same meaning. Xu Kai, unfortunately, is the latest celebrity to publicly experience them.

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