Cai Xukun at 17

On the 16th of August, 2021, Cai Xukun was trending on the hot search! The search term was “Cai Xukun at 17”, and the first post on this was a post commenting on Xukun’s height at 17, saying he was really outstanding even as a kid.

Cai Xukun at 17
Cai Xukun at 17

Cai Xukun’s Outstanding Younger Self

Netizens React:
[+16,000] Been handsome since young
[+13,000] He’s been cute since young 🥰 (He only worn braces to fix his teeth)
[+8582] He’s really good, you can find him with a look 🥰
[+6999] Kun’s been so outstanding since young! His ratios are amazing
[+6205] He’s been handsome since young 🥺 For the people in the comments who don’t have eyes, his jaw has been exactly the same since young 🥺

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Cai Xukun’s height and looks at 17 years old are already really good! Also, his new MV is so handsome, it’s reached a new level. The ancient look with Kun’s specific voice has such a great atmosphere!

Netizens React:
[+1021] He’s so good, you can find him with a look 🥰
[+944] I love this ancient look
[+695] One word: Handsome
[+585] Mr Cai is really more and more handsome, every time his handsomeness reaches a new level. Has everyone watched the MV! If you haven’t, quickly go and see the handsome guy 🥰
[+448] He’s so handsome, the atmosphere is great ❤️

Cai Xukun’s Fan Club Promotes His New Song

Cai Xukun’s official fan club took the opportunity to promote his new song!

[+1040] Panasonic Service: Watching now! (I’m working, it’s just lunch time now)
[+731] Producer Cai’s MV has a really good feel
[+624] The MV is really interesting!
[+541] Looking forward to more of Producer Cai’s projects
[+455] Producer Cai’s online
[+412] Pay more attention to the kid’s stages 🥰

A fan also posted about Xukun’s younger self: No matter if it’s Cai Xukun at 17, or Cai Xukun now, he’s always on the charity road. From taking part in a charity run when he was a teenager, to afterwards, with countless charity acts, he’s always quietly giving for charity. He’s always warm! But for the comments he’s made as a non-celebrity, don’t bring them all out, give him some space and respect his privacy.

  1. In 2018, donated 600,000yuan to China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
  2. June 2019, donated 100,000yuan to the earthquake
  3. August 2019, donated 100,000yuan to the typhoon
  4. Donated 600,000yuan to children in 2019
  5. Donated 640,000yuan during his birthday in 2019
  6. January 2020, donated 600,000yuan to coronavirus
  7. Donated 820,000yuan during his birthday in 2020
  8. Donated 32,000yuan to recovery services in 2020
  9. Gave music instruments and books costing 30,000yuan to village schools
  10. July 2020, donated 308 food and oil supplies to floods in the south of China, helping 308 families and over 1230 people
  11. Ambassador for charity without returns, helping 500 children to take part in Picasso’s Exhibition
Cai Xukun's latest MV
Cai Xukun’s latest MV

What are your thoughts on Cai Xukun’s actions when he was younger? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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