Kong Xue Er of THE9 Gets Caught In Dating Rumors With Ma Sihan

Dating rumours have surfaced for THE9 idol Kong Xue Er recently. She appears to have been caught whilst going home with a guy (later identified to be QCYN3 trainee Ma Sihan). Subsequently, multiple hot searches emerged discussing the two’s relationship.

Video evidence of the "couple"
Video evidence of the “couple”

Kong Xue Er’s Weibo Comments

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: After Kong Xue Er and a male went home, leading to speculation of publicisation of a relationship, lots of fans left comments on her Weibo. They hope she can focus on her career, not getting involved with men while she’s gaining fans, and saying that Ma Sihan isn’t good enough for her.

Some of the comments:
– There’s no need, there’s really no need. Can’t you just focus on your career? Getting close to men has got you scolded so many times
– …why can’t you get it
– Snow, don’t you know how hard it is to debut? We hope to walk with you and get better and better. Have you forgotten how much bitterness we’ve experienced because of love? I’m begging you, focus on your career. In the future, whatever you look for will be there. This person’s looks are even not able to be expressed with a simple sentence. Please, don’t get brainwashed by love. You deserve better.
– Think about why people are unstanning 🙂
– Can you be proud of yourself?
– I’ve been here since the survival show days, who hasn’t seen bad weather

However, the response to the post of the Weibo Influencer had a slightly more varied response:
[+29,000] Getting in a relationship if you’re an idol in a group = having no career morals
[+7700] It’s really funny. What’s it about getting involved with men? Do you want to be a nun?
[+10,000] So working hard for 8 years to debut is just to go date
[+5862] Fans think too much of themselves
[+1858] So what if she dates, it’s nothing
[+2408] Who says Xue Er is dating, she hasn’t responded yet
[+777] How come there’s another hot search? Who’s got that much money? (t/n: Referring to the fact that hot searches can be bought)

Kong Xue Er
Kong Xue Er

Can idols date?

Another Weibo Influencer asked netizens whether their idols should be allowed to date. Here’s the response:
[+1299] Stop trying to prove that she’s innocent, fans. You’re even bringing others out to take the hate…
[+1083] Thinking, idols dating = losing the ability to call themselves idols, right?
[+888] Of course they [shouldn’t be allowed to date]. She said she worked for 8 years to debut. In the end, after relying on fans’ wallets to debut, she debuts to date… If fans spent money on rearing pigs instead of her, was used to rear pigs, they’d all be rich by now
[+466] Who’s this girl

A picture circulating in the comment section:

Picture in comments
Picture in comments

It’s a screenshot from the comment section of the original video: 1. The video was taken on the 20th of August, it wasn’t a dinner for the team in May. 2. They were going home from the basement, not going to the toilet. 3. The man went home with her, didn’t see him come out [even after a long time]. 4. Her manager left on the way to the bar for the gathering.

Netizens also responded to a poll:

Poll: Should idols be allowed to date
Poll: Should idols be allowed to date?

[+16,000] Yes
[+9002] No
[+23,000] If their career is stable and they don’t rely on their fans anymore, yes
[+1479] Other

Kong Xue Er’s Studio & THE9 Weibo Speaks Up

Studio [2]: A simple friends’ gathering. The artist is currently single. Don’t read too much into it.

[+25,000] Single currently. Words are really incredible. Just a single word can make people think for a long time.
[+6945] Why’s there no official announcement [with a letter & stamp]?
[+4175] You’re her team, please protect her well. Always believe Kong Xue Er ❤️
[+2820] Passers-by, stop creating rumours
[+2752] Can you report [the people creating rumours]??? Just this??? Where’s the official announcement????????
[+2056] Don’t you think this kind of clarification is laughable? Is your brain, her brain, or my brain the one that has a problem? Yesterday, posts on Douban were deleted for the whole night for her teammate. Today her stuff is on the top search, but you think it’s over after these 20 words? Give me a proper response. Does your business have a problem, or is she not planning on continuing?

THE9’s official Weibo account posted the same in the group’s supertopic.

Comments on Sina Entertainment post‘s on the above:
[+5244] Anyway, her house has collapsed multiple times (t/n: Failed to meet the standards of idols)
[+3823] For paparazzi, I’ve always believed in Youku’s ability (t/n: The video came from Youku)
[+2330] In summary: Stopped while possible, since earning money is more important
[+929] Single currently 😼
[+620] Don’t believe it

Kong Xue Er in pale blue
Kong Xue Er in pale blue

Ma Sihan Speaks Out

The male in the alleged date also posted about the situation (and got on the hot search). About the affair, he said, “It’s just a meeting between friends. I hope that people won’t read too much into it and create unneeded misunderstandings. Without intending to, I’ve used up public resources and brought worry to everyone. I apologise again.”

In the comments section:
[+7674] I believe you’re not dating. You wrapped yourself up well, so you’ve got a bit of gentleman spirit. However, boys shouldn’t go to clubs. It’ll destroy your body and spirit.
[+4525] If you’re really dating, just admit it, it’s nothing anyway 😼
[+210] Okay, believe [in] Ma Sihan!!

QCYN3 trainee Ma Sihan
QCYN3 trainee Ma Sihan
Kong Xue Er
Kong Xue Er

What are your thoughts on the alleged date and whole situation? Share your thoughts and comments with us down below!

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