Song Zuer ‘s Studio Denies Dating Rumors romance with Ruan Jingtian

Recently, Song Zuer's Studio issued a statement addressing false rumors that were circulating on the internet. These rumors made by netizens include that of "Song Zuer's love breakup" and "Song Zuer being drunk on...

Zhai Xiaowen Pays for A Vase Broken by His Fans

A fan of Zhai Xiaowen's accidentally broke a vase when meeting him. After saying: "You're in trouble!", he turned to his assistant and said, "In a while, go ask; don't let them pay for...

“Falling Into Your Smile” Production Crew and Yuehua Entertainment Reacts To Criticisms From Netizens

This year, the TV drama"Falling Into Your Smile" starring Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai has been one of the most highly publicized among the E-sports drama niche series.

Heart Signal 4 (2021)

Heart Signal 4 (2021) is a Chinese Variety Show. The show aired its first episode on 16 June 2021 and its cast members include Du Hai Tao, Angelababy, Guo Qi Lin.

Cai Xukun’s Concert Tickets Got Sold Out In Seconds

Cai Xukun's popularity as a Singer is nearly unrivalled in China. After letting fans grab tickets for his solo concert for his latest album from 13:14 on the 10th of July, tickets were sold...

INTO1 Member Nine Celebrates His Birthday Today!

We wish INTO1 member, Nine a happy birthday today! The Thai star officially turns 22 years old and celebrates his birthday in China with his boy group, INTO1.

C-Pop Songs To Stream This June 2021

June has been a month full of great Cpop releases. I thought it might be nice to highlight some of our favourite Cpop songs this month.

Zhang Hui Wen (张慧雯) Profile and Facts

Zhang Hui Wen (张慧雯) is a Chinese actress born on 13 January, 1993 in Yingtan, Jiangxi, China.

R1SE Gets Together to Wish Twelves Happy Birthday

On the 8th of July - the day the fandom name "Twelves" was decided - R1SE, although having disbanded, gets together in the comments section of an interview to say happy birthday to Twelves.

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