Who Are The Smartest Chinese Celebrities Based on Their College Entrance Exam Results?

Because TNT's Ma Jiaqi didn't pass his culture exam in the Gaokao exam, also known as the college entrance exams in China, celebrities' Gaokao results have been hotly discussed on Weibo.

Netizens Share How They Would React To Their Favorite Chinese Celebrities Failing Their Exams

A Weibo influencer has set up a poll asking netizens how they would react if their idols failed to do well for their college entrance exams.

Xu Kai (许凯) Profile and Facts

Xu Kai (许凯) is a Chinese actor and model born the Shenzhen, China on 5 March, 1995. He is best known for his role in Story of Yanxi Palace.

Tears In Heaven – Dou Xiao and Li Qin

"Tears In Heaven" (海上繁花) is a Chinese drama starring, Dou Xiao and Li Qin in the title role, with Zhang Yunlong as a special guest star. It also features supporting cast, Li Zhe Ting...

Ex-CLC Member ELKIE Sings a Heart-Wrenching Song With JiLi from The Untamed Boys After Leaving The Group

Ex-CLC member ELKIE collaborates with JiLi, member of Chinese boy band T.U.B.S (The Untamed Boys) after announcing her departure from K-Pop girl group CLC earlier this year.

TNT Leader Ma Jiaqi Told Fans Not To Feel Sad For Him For Failing To Make The Cut For His College Entrance Exams

Netizens respond to Ma Jiaqi's announcement that he failed to meet the requirements of his college entrance exams.

Ma Jiaqi Tells Fans Not To Despair Over College Entrance Exam Results

Ma Jiaqi, the Teen In Times leader shared a post about his college entrance exam results in early hours of this morning.

Yang Mi Sets Up A New Company With Her Father As A Joint Shareholder

Yang Mi was recently discovered to have set-up a new company with her father.

Ouyang Nini Revealed That She Was Bullied While Studying Abroad In France

Recently, Ouyang Nini shared some of her hard experiences while studying in France on social networking sites. She said that she was 64 kilograms fat at that time, and she would be bullied in...

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