Netizens Share How They Would React To Their Favorite Chinese Celebrities Failing Their Exams

A Weibo influencer has set up a poll asking netizens how they would react if their idols failed to do well for their college entrance exams. This topic was started after the recent announcement by TNT leader Ma Jiaqi, that he failed to make the cut for his college entrance exams.

Netizens decide how they would react to celebrities failing their exams

The options for the poll are as follows:

  1. Comfort them, it’s no big deal, work harder for the exams next year (67k picked this)
  2. Jeer at them, hah! You scored so low? Must’ve been a wreck (6.6k picked this)
  3. Okay… just readiing this. (10.2k picked this)
  4. ???? Who are we talking about? (6k picked this)

The post was made under the hashtag discussions “Ma Jiaqi [did not make it] for the cultural exam passing mark]” and “Teen In Times (TNT) college exam score”.

Netizens Discuss The Topic of Idols Failing Their Exams

Netizens discuss how they would react to their idols failing an exam
Netizens discuss how they would react to their idols failing an exam

Source: Weibo discussion post

[+1191] The thing that’s conflicting is that their company have said multiple times that their celebrities really focus on the culture exam’s results. If it wasn’t that they’ve constantly promoted the idea of their celebrities being really good at studying, maybe not so many people would laugh at them. Because of preparing for the Gaokao [also known as the college entrance exam], he’s taken over too many hot search resources. It’s really sad and funny – idols in this generation can get tens of millions every year, but can’t pass their maths. So how can they say that they’re becoming role models?

[+840] Idols are also normal people, failing the Gaokao is still normal

[+620] He’s a celebrity, if you change your mindset, he’s still just a 02 kid, a kid that failed his college entrance exam. Why do you have to hold onto others’ pain? “Praise can be said without thinking, but insults, you have to think twice before speaking.” If you’re here to see what the popularity is about, just finish looking at it and then let it pass; if you’re here to insult, that’s being jealous of Ma Jiaqi; if you’re a fan, please be calm, the passers-by might not have bad intentions.

[+141] Does he count as a celebrity

[+510] I’m not a fan, but as a Henan exam-taker, I want to clarify something. Henan’s listening can’t be 0. In English, the listening isn’t counted in the full marks, so the full marks is 120, but based on 150 [like the rest of China], you have to multiply the marks by 1.25 to get the final English mark, so listening can’t be 0 (don’t fight, if you fight I took the Gaokao last year)

[+309] No one has the right to comment like this on someone who didn’t do well in their Gaokao. What? Everyone who’s scolding him got 650? There’s no need, really. Can you be nicer? (Don’t fight, if you fight you’re right 🙏🙏

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