Liu Yuxin Apologises For Covid-19 Remarks Which Led To A Misunderstanding

Liu Yuxin
Liu Yuxin of THE9 made statements in a livestream which caused misunderstanding and controversy

Liu Yuxin trended on the Weibo hot search recently due to a statement she made in a livesteram.

In the statement, she alluded that she had the epidemic to thank as it helped “Youth With You 2” to garner more viewers since everyone could watch the show at home during a livestream. Despite the idol having realized that the phrasing of her words was unclear and clarified the meaning of her statement in the livestream itself, some still took offence at her words.

The exact phrase, “Thanks to the epidemic, which allowed everyone to watch the show at home” was viewed as an insensitive remark by netizens online and sparked a heated discussion on Weibo.

Liu Yuxin Addresses Controversy Surrounding Her Inappropriate Remarks

Just this afternoon, Liu Yuxin posted an apology on Weibo as follows:

“[My] original intention was to thank the medical staff for their efforts during the epidemic and everyone’s efforts to prevent and fight the disease at the point of it happening. Because I realized that I had been unclear in the way I expressed myself, I immediately explained [myself] further it during the live broadcast. I am very sorry for causing such a misunderstanding, and I will be more cautious with my words and actions in the future!”

Liu Yuxin’s statement on Weibo

THE9’s Official Weibo Page Warns Against The Malicious Interpretation of Liu Yuxin’s Statement

The official blog of THE9 also responded with a post which stated that Liu Yuxin’s statement was maliciously misinterpreted by some netizens and marketing accounts. During the live broadcast, THE9 reiterated that Liu Yuxin had clarified her intended meaning behind her statements and had asked for malicious marketing accounts to refrain from misinterpreting or twisting her statements. For the dissemination of false information, the company would reserves the right to pursue legal action against all those who have infringed on the idol’s rights.

Netizens React To The Situation

Comments from Sina Weibo’s News article

[+348] In fact, both Teacher Wang Han and A-Duo [t/n: both are show hosts] have said similar things about being grateful for the epidemic. Like Yu Xin, their form of expressions are not appropriate, and they should not have said it (If they have said it in a way that was unpleasant to hear, they clearly haven’t thought through clearly about it). But fortunately, Liu Yu Xin immediately realized it at the time [that she said something inappropriate], and took several opportunities to actively explain what she meant. Then there is no big issue. The antis finally found this opportunity, so let them jump [at her]. Anyone who knows Yuxin a little will know that she is a kind, stable, capable, and dedicated girl who gives her best when it comes to her work.

[+321] There’s nothing surprising about making mistakes, but [quibbling over the mistake that was made] is not good.

[+311] What she said and her what was her so-called ‘original intention’ are completely different. The target subject of her two sentences are completely different, let alone the it being a ‘wrong expression.’ It makes no sense.

[+267] I feel that the artists have to be more cultured. Don’t always think about earning money and read more [books]. The phrase, “thanks to the epidemic”, it’s very inappropriate. I hope that such artists will no longer appear in front of young people and will refrain from providing the wrong type of guidance towards the youths.

[+212] At this timing [t/n: referring to the pandemic period], the top streamers should be careful, and one wrong word can [cause them to lose their entire careers].

[+98] It was explained during the live broadcast as early as 4 months ago. At that time, it was understood that poor expression might cause misunderstandings. [She had] expressed her intentions many times on the spot, thanking the show, thanking everyone for watching the show, and thanking the medical staff who contributed to fighting off the epidemic. After a lapse of more than a month, the livestream video was cut and edited to be fermented by public opinion. I hope that netizens can understand the truth. This time is a lesson. As a public figure, you need to pay attention to and improve. Accept the criticism and supervision of the majority of netizens, and from now on you should be more cautious in your words and deeds in the future.

[+37] Her mouth is a little stupid, she usually doesn’t like to talk, but the way people have maliciously read and understood her words is too overboard.

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