iQiyi To Cancel Future Survival Shows

iQiyi’s CEO Yu Gong announced today that in accordance with the recent “cleansing” period in China, iQiyi will be cancelling future survival shows. In the same announcement, he denounced bad behaviour in the industry, stealing and evading tax, and unreasonable salaries.

iQiyi's announcement
iQiyi’s announcement

Netizens React

In response to a Weibo Influencer [1]:
[+11,000] Before Jiang Bin (iQiyi’s Vice President) goes to jail, can you release my Nine Percent’s group variety 🙂
[+8151] What you owe Nine Percent, what are you going to use to give back?
[+5480] Treat IXFORM well, release group varieties soon. Treat THE9 well, put Yu Yan on stage, give them outdoor varieties. Or you can put out Nine Percent’s filmed activities. I owed you in my past life and now I’ve been suffering for three seasons 💔
[+4326] Even if I’m 80 I’d yell iQiyi needs to shut down
[+4139] So when are you releasing Nine Percent’s group varieties
[+2665] Raising money and voting are the most serious in survival shows, cancelling is great. Please also cancel BL and boy-boy CPs (ships)
[+2247] So where’s the Nine Percent variety?

Weibo Influencer Post [2]: (See the picture above)
[+699] Lots of minors are paying lots of money for votes but we don’t see the higher-ups taking care of it
[+243] Great… it’s mostly that the quality’s really not much
[+472] Great, nowadays survival shows have no taste
[+440] Don’t do survival shows anymore, there’s nothing to choose
[+303] It’s finally stopped! Paying money to create celebrities, I’ve had enough!
[+59] Do you believe it?

Weibo Influencer Post [3]: Who, while seeing the news, didn’t say great ✌

GIF used by the Influencer
GIF used by the Influencer

[+3305] Cancelling ✘ Getting forced to cancel ✔
[+2216] Teacher Lelush sighs: It’s a shame I went to the camp early, I didn’t get the right time
[+792] What about Tencent 😼😼😼
[+379] So Lelush accidentally became the top contestant of some variety show… 😼
[+72] So happy 😍😍

Poll: Which app do you like using?


iQiyi and Tencent are two of the most popular survival show hosts, while Youku also hosts a couple less well-known ones. In response to a Weibo Influencer’s poll on the subject of which one users prefer:
[+49,000] Tencent
[+32,000] Others
[+29,000] iQiyi
[+7257] Youku

What are your thoughts on survival shows and the whole crackdown on them and related new celebrity activities? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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