Cai Xukun’s Concert Tickets Got Sold Out In Seconds

Cai Xukun’s popularity as a Singer is nearly unrivalled in China. After letting fans grab tickets for his solo concert for his latest album from 13:14 on the 10th of July, tickets were sold out… in seconds. The singer’s power and charm is definitely at the top of the C-pop industry!

Mango Entertainment: Tickets - gone in seconds!
Mango Entertainment: Tickets – gone in seconds!

Netizens React to the Ticket Sales

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Opened – and gone! Cai Xukun’s ability to call people to action is unparalleled! On the 17th of July, look forward to Cai Xukun’s music world together 🤩

Netizens React:
[+362] You’re the ones happy on the 17th 😭😭😭
[+229] Hope the concert goes well!!
[+198] First venue: Beijing, on the 17th of July. If we don’t see each other we won’t part 🤩
[+145] Their date is coming, but not having grabbed [tickets] I’m so sad
[+94] The people who got tickets are geniuses!! Gone in seconds, too incredible 🥺
[+87] Congratulations to everyone who got tickets! If you didn’t, don’t feel bad, steady yourself, we’ll fight again
[+61] Finally waited until his stage ❤️ The long dream of 7 years is finally going to be fulfilled 🥳 Looking forward to the date on the 17th of July ❤️

Other Posts:
[+43] I don’t even know what the out of stock page looks like, didn’t even go in
[+26] It was really one second, this group of women are crazy, when I got in it was already gone
I’m already lying next to the router 😭 After a second it was gone
Found people to help me snatch the tickets, tried my best but didn’t get the ticket. Currently readjusting my emotions, will fight again for Nanjing.
Where did the confidence of thinking I could get tickets come from? Not getting it is more normal
[+2] Didn’t get it, can’t go 💔 Does anyone want a hotel room booked a month ago? It’s on the subway line and is three stops away
Didn’t even get to the page before it crashed
It’s too much, a second hadn’t even finished and the tickets were gone
Half a second?

Poll: Did you get tickets?

Sina Entertainment's poll
Sina Entertainment’s poll

Did you get tickets? Looking forward to the concert in Beijing on the 17th~
[+382] Got them
[+7072] Nope

Netizens even reacted to the poll, saying:
[+78] Why are you making a poll… My heart will hurt…
[+123] Didn’t get them! Cai Xukun, did you get them?

Fans develop a special method to grab tickets

A Weibo influencer posts a video of Cai Xukun fans’ special method of using three fingers to grab tickets.

Netizens React:
[+201] Learnt, please delete
[+119] It’s over, now everyone knows how I can’t get tickets even more
[+84] Got it, quickly delete it
[+60] Read, suggest you delete it

Cai Xukun warms fans with insistence on authentic tickets

Weibo Influencer Post [3]: Cai Xukun’s really the most worth it. How can I not love him for this? He always puts fans first, and whenever the people who get signatures for others post ads, Cai Xukun is the exception. Five minutes before sales, the webpage was closed, really letting you buy your own tickets. Everyone’s treated the same.
(Pictures: Even the music director didn’t have tickets, the secondhand salespeople couldn’t buy or resell, Cai Xukun closed the webpage so you could only buy it with your hands and phones, the people who get signatures for others said everyone except Cai Xukun.)

Netizens React:
[+2550] He puts you first, hope you listen to what he says. If you don’t and get lied to then you deserve it
[+988] Cai Xukun always thinks for our sake 😭
[+791] A little angel! He’s worth it 😭
[+707] Having an idol who puts fans first is really very good
[+487] So, don’t think about anything else. Buy it through the official site! If you didn’t get it, wait for next time! Cai Xukun’s concerts will definitely not be limited to once/twice, there’ll be more and more! Jiayou!!!! (t/n: Good luck!)
[+392] I’m here to remind you! Don’t trust any talk about transferring tickets! If the picture on your government ID doesn’t have details of buying the tickets your face won’t be recognised. Going in requires scanning your ID and face, if one’s wrong you can’t go in.

Cai Xukun’s “Unknown” Concert Is His First Personal Tour

After Nine Percent disbanded in October 2019, this is Cai Xukun’s first personal tour. It’s been a long time since the days of Idol Producer, the survival show with which he debuted at top place from… and we’re looking forward to his first personal concert!

We wish the former center of Nine Percent all the best for his first concert since the pandemic began.

Cai Xukun at the final of Idol Producer
Cai Xukun at the final of Idol Producer
Cai Xukun at a group concert
Cai Xukun at a group concert

What are your thoughts about Cai Xukun’s tickets being gone in seconds? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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