Farewell To The Decade Long Sitecom, iPartment

On January 7, the director of the sitecom, “iPartment”, Wei Zheng announced at the show’s conference that there will be no sequel to the sitecom in future.

Director Wei Zheng said on Weibo that the iPartment series that has accompanied the TV audience for ten years officially and thus should officially conclud with “Ipartment 5”, the final season in the series. No sequel will be made in the future.

Producer Quan Haojin said that in order to keep the original cast as much as possible, the main creative team have already done their best with the storyline. Regarding this decision to discontinue the sitecom, director Wei Zheng choked back on his tears and and said, “The audience gets weary after looking at a show ongoing for so long. Even though this show is like my child. I think this is the best choice for everyone. We are ending it at this point so that the memories of iPartment will always be beautiful for all.”

He also said that it will give all characters a good ending and will account for the expectations of the show viewers who have been diligently following the sitecom all this while.

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