Yang Chaoyue Hits Back At Critics, Says Her Socks Is Cleaner Than Their Mouth and Brains

On 7th April 2019,  Yang Chaoyue posted on Weibo in response to netizens who criticised her during her recent actions in a variety show.

In a segment of the variety show, Yang Chaoyue is seen to be sniffing a pair of socks that she had just removed from her feet. The caption attached to the video said that it “smelt good”.

Some unhappy netizens have took to Weibo to criticise Rocket Girl’s main visual  for being unhygienic.



In response, Yang Chao Yue posted on her Weibo profile:

“Actually, I think my feet are cleaner than some people’s mouths and brains. A fairy’s feet doesn’t stink, thank you.”

Fans of Yang Chao Yue think that the neitizens have gone too far to criticize her, what do you think?

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