Jiang Zhenyu Announces Her Withdrawal from Chuang 2020

On 19th June 2020, Chuang 2020 contestant Jiang Zhen Yu posted on Weibo, announcing her decision to withdraw from the survival show due to an injury sustained during her dance practice.

Jiang Zhen Yu in one of her performances for Chuang 2020

In her official statement addressed to her followers on Weibo, Jiang Zhen Yu wrote:

Hello everyone, I am Jiang Jiang.

During this time, I have been working on receiving treatment and also refusing to give up on any opportunities to find a better method of treatment. Thus, I have met various medical experts. During every consultation with the doctor, the most urgent question of mine was, “When can I return on stage?”

The doctor’s reply was always: “Don’t think about the competition, you must first take a good rest and focus on the monitoring your injury and the development of its condition.” But I refused to let my hopes die down. Every time I saw a doctor, I asked, and every time I asked, the answer I got always left me disappointed. Even during today’s check-up, I did not get the answer I wanted to hear.

At this moment, I feel depressed, recalling back the few occasions when I was standing on the stage, I only started to realize what the word “stage” means to me. For some who is not very good at expressing herself, the stage is the bridge between me and the other trainees with the rest of the world world. I especially cherish those experiences and opportunities [on stage].

Thank you, my ginger teas (姜茶 jiang cha – name of her fans),who continued to support me day and night despite the pressure of not knowing if I could return. You have worked hard and I understand everything you do is for me, but I also want to say sorry to you, my ginger teas.. The situation this time made me really unable to continue in this competition, and it would be unfair to the girls in competition if I occupied a voting position yet remain unable to participate in the programme’s filming.

Therefore, I would like to solemnly tell you in this way: Jiang Zhenyu’s Journey in Chuang 2020 has come to an end here. I have made the decision to withdraw from the Chuang 2020 competition.

Rather than being afraid of missing a chance, I am even more afraid that my fellow trainees are exhausting their energy and capacity to support me, waiting for nothing…

Being a part of a “girl group” is my first new attempt in 2020 but because of an accident I could not achieve the results that I had hoped for. But this will not be the end of the story, please don’t feel sad for me because of this. The road that belongs to us in the future is still very, very long.

If someone ever asks me, “Have you given up?”

I would say, “No.”

We’re sad and sorry to hear that such an unfortunate incident has to happen to Jiang Zhen Yu and her fans. We hope for her speedy recovery and for her to take this time to rest as well.

We can only imagine the disappointment of her friends back at the Chuang 2020 dormitory as well.

Do leave your thoughts and words of encouragement in the comment below, as we believe that is what Jiang Zhen Yu and her fans need to hear right now.

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