My Dear Guardian (Chinese Drama)

My Dear Guardian (爱上特种兵) is a drama based on Jinjiang Literature City author’s novel “Rain Fingers Under The Military Uniform.” The show focussed on the two professionals – one from the special forces and another a military doctor. The show’s hero, Liang Muze, (played by Johnny Huang Jingyu) has been portrayed as a soldier from a modern perspective. He pursues his ideals together with the military doctor Xia Chu (played by Li Qin). As he fulfils the duties and mission of a soldier, and he also reaps a love that will follow him from life to death.

My Dear Guardian


Title: My Dear Guardian
Native Title: 爱上特种兵
Episodes: 40
Release Date: June 1, 2021
Film Location: Changzhou, Nanjing
Start: June 1, 2021
Frequency: 1 episode release daily except on Mondays
End: July 18, 2021

Drama Synopsis of My Dear Guardian:

In the first year of becoming a resident, Xia Chu, who just finished her eight-year medical career at the Military Medical University, follows the United Medical Station of the General Hospital of the Southeast Theatre to the exotic town of Isaiah.

She meets Liang Mu Ze, a special forces officer of the Southeast Theatre who had just finished the Hunter School course, and formed the team Liangzi.

After returning to China, by chance Xia Chu and Liang Mu Ze began a life of warmth together. After experiencing the motions of daily life together, military exercises, and near death experiences, the two fall in love.

But at the same time, Xia Chu’s puppy love Zhuo Ran made a sudden appearance back in her life as an entrepreneur. Liang Mu Ze sensed that there was danger around him, and his lover’s emotions and safety become threatened. He approached the issue patiently and seized critical moments to protect her.

Not only did Liang Mu Ze not only complete his military mission perfectly, but also protected the safety of his lover.

Xia Chu also lets go of her unhappiness in her past and understands love through Liang Mu Ze.

My Dear Guardian Trailer:

My Dear Guardian Cast and Characters:

Johnny Huang Jing Yu

Johnny Huang

Johnny Huang Jing Yu (黄景瑜) as Liang Mu Ze (梁牧泽)
A special forces officer, he is the most outstanding major officer in the Southeast Theatre, and has a tenderness to him under his uniform.

Li Qin

Li Qin

Sweet Li Qin (李沁) as Xia Chu (夏初)
A cardiac surgeon at the General Hospital of the Southeast Theatre, she is gentle and independent, dares to love and hate.

Supporting Characters

Fu Cheng Peng (傅程鹏) as Rao Feng (饶峰)

Xu Hong Hao (徐洪浩) as Zhang Yi Chi (张一驰)

Drama OST:

Heartwarming moment (心动的瞬间) by Hu Xia (胡夏)

Source Baidu (1), Douban (2)

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