Ouyang Nana Speaks Up On Behalf Of A Fan Who Lost Her Cello On An Airline

On July 13th,  Ouyang Nana forwarded a post made by the netizen who lost her cello on her flight back to China and appealed to the airline to respond to her case.

欧阳娜娜Ouyang Nana is also known to be a talented cellist, having played it since a very young age

In the post made by the netizen, it was said that her cello was made in France in the year 1721, which also made it a cultural and historical artefact. That was also why this cello meant a lot to her.

The weibo netizen also shared about how she lost her cello on Facebook

As a fellow cellist, Ouyang Nana resonated with the fan’s heartbreak and reposted the student’s appeal on Weibo, adding:

Every cello has a story. For us, it is not just a musical instrument, but also a friend and partner. I can’t imagine how helpless I would be if my cello was lost… Please @AirFrance give a response as soon as possible to help her find her cello!

On seeing Ouyang Nana speak up for her fan many netizens swooned over how kind-hearted Nana is to speak up on behalf of her fan. Many commented: “Nabi is really good and kind” “Dear, you are so understanding.” “Hope the cello can be recovered” and “Nabi is so understanding!”

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