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SiS Members Profile and Facts

SiS Members Profile and Facts

SiS is a 3 member girl group under Wajijiwa Entertainment. They debuted on January 6, 2020, with the single “My Dear”. The members were previously contestants on The Coming One Girls.

Read more about each of the members in the profile below!


Birth name: Hong Yinuo (洪一诺)
Birthday: April 22, 2000
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
NoNo Facts:
– NoNo is the 1st runner up on the third season of Tencent’s variety show The Coming One 明日之子 第3季
– She labeled her discography on 明日之子 第3季 as retro style
– NoNo is the mangnei of the group! (the youngest member)
– She is known to have a calm personality
– She is an introvert!
– NoNo collaborated with R1SE Zhang Yanqi on 明日之子 第3季 Episode 8
– NoNo was featured on the show Sing or Spin
NoNo’s Social Media Accounts:
Weibo: @sis_NoNo洪一诺
Instagram: @nonoluuxx


Birth name: Xu Ruoqiao (徐若侨)
Other name(s): Xu Wenjie (徐文洁)
Birthday: June 3, 1999
Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper
Star sign: Gemini
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Veegee Facts:
– She is 7th place on the third season of Tencent’s The Coming One 明日之子 
– She had sung with Huang Xiaohu
– Veegee was a debuting artist before joining 明日之子
– Veegee eats a lot!
– She collaborated with R1SE’s Zhou Zhennan on Episode 8 of the third season of The Coming One 明日之子
Veegee’s Social Media Accounts:
Weibo: @sis_Veegee徐若侨
Instagram: @veegeevg


Birth name:
Pamiga Sooksawee (เปมิกา สุขสวี)
Chinese name:
Xu Jialin (徐嘉琳)
Birthday: July 11, 1997
Star sign: Cancer
Hometown: Thailand
Occupation: Singer, Actress
Pam Facts:
– She came in 9th place on the third season of Tencent’s The Coming One 明日之子 
– Pam can speak 3 languages, Thai, English, and Chinese
Pam’s Social Media Accounts:
Weibo: @sis_Pam徐嘉琳
Instagram: @pamigax
Twitter: @migapam

SiS Group Social Media Accounts:

SiS Discography
My Dear | 2020
Night Surfing | 2020
Let’s Nestogether | 2020

SiS Variety Show Appearances
Super Novae Games | 2020
We Are Blazing | 2020
The Coming One Girls | 2019

*For access to SiS’s music videos and variety show appearances, check out this website!

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Xiao Zhen Zhu and SiS Updates

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Xiao Zhen Zhu and SiS Updates

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