Who Is The Winner Of We Are Blazing: Season One?

Who Is The Champion Of We Are Blazing?

We Are Blazing

On the night of July 23, we finally welcomed the announcement of the best group of survival show《We are Blazing》, where Rocket Girls 101, R1SE, and Rainbow Chamber Singers were all one step away from the throne.
The question comes down to which group would be successful in challenging the throne?

Rocket Girls 101
Rainbow Chamber Singers

The opening ceremony was already unique since the start; a green carpet was used instead of the usual red one. All the members of the Rainbow Chamber Singers brought along red speakers with them, Rocket Girls 101 stood in line with a torch (that is usually seen in a flame light ceremony during the Olympics) and danced around those torches, which was extremely cute. Although it was an intense night, the competition was worth it. It was rather like a big musical party attended by China’s talented music producers.

Since joining the show, Rainbow Chamber Singers had impressed the audience in their every performance, especially for the song《Ride the Wind and Break the Waves》that was sung in the semi-finals. The group sang exceptionally well in their modified version of Rocket Girls 101’s《Calorie》, completely changing a well-known but oddly mesmerizing song into a compelling and catchy piece. Similarly, on the night of the finals, Rainbow Chamber Singers brought us two refreshing mini-musicals. The song《Shining Stars》has a positive connotation and deeper implication of brightening up their own future, as well as to encourage others.

《We Are Blazing》was held in two rounds, and there was an intermission in between where previously eliminated performers, or “guests”, came back onto the stage. Something to note is that the actual sing-offs between the three groups were live-streamed, but it was pre-recorded for the eliminated performers. Being a guest, BonBon Girls 303 returned to the show, where the three generations of the “101” series finally reunited. The bands SiS、SNH48、Penicillin、BlackACE、S.I.N.G and BoyStory also came back as performers. BoyStory is a boy group developed by Tencent and JYP.

The feedback from the guests of boy bands and girl groups were quite conservative as if they were trying not to insult anyone by accident during a social event. They concluded that everyone there desired to perform on stage, and Penicillin told Rainbow Chamber Singers that their performance wasn’t as good as their previous ones. Even though everyone agreed that the two latest rounds of performances by the three competing teams were all below the standards of the previous rounds, it was clear that Rainbow Chamber Singers deserved their championship. It was so clear that when Rocket Girls 101 was leading during the guests’ voting session, many netizens thought that the production crew was trying to create the effect of tight competition by utilizing the guests’ close votes between the two groups.

Rainbow Chamber Singers won the competition!

Before the competition, Jin Chengzhi actually expressed that even though the members of Rainbow Chamber Singers were just ordinary people who came from different backgrounds, when they were on stage they came together as a unique and inseparable team. Even after winning the competition, Jin Chengzhi still said in a frank and modest manner, “We did not think we could be the last team remaining, but anyone who had been on stage deserves to win.” Meanwhile, his team members standing behind were all in tears.

Even though Rocket Girls 101 had disbanded last month, they brought the audience two brilliant performances. They skillfully included all the names of their 11 members into the song《Dara-Bumba》, which was particularly heart-warming after the modification.

Meanwhile, R1SE’s performance was equally amazing! During two rounds of stage designs in the competition, the performances《Reverse the world》and《Lunatic》gained a lot of support from netizens. As a result, R1SE won first place for popularity!

BonBon Girls 303, who had just debuted recently, acted as a guest of the survival show and exercised their right to vote. This is the first time that all three generations of the “Chuang / Produce” series (BonBon Girls, R1SE, and Rocket Girls) appeared on stage together. As Rocket Girls 101 had already disbanded, this might be the Bon Bon Girls’ first and only chance to perform on stage together with other generations.

Three generations of the “Chuang” series

Time flies, and we have already reached the end of《We are Blazing: Season One》. Congratulations to the Rainbow Chamber Singers who won this first season of the show! Let’s also acknowledge these two talented groups, Rocket Girls 101 and R1SE, for coming in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Every musical band will be looking forward to the arrival of Season Two. Let’s see who will be joining next!

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