Lay Zhang’s Krump Dancing Is So Powerful, He Literally Breaks The Dance Floor

Somewhat amusingly, Zhang Yixing’s studio recently shared a photo of the company’s damaged dance floor, calling out their boss for his intensive dance practice regime.

Zhang Yixing stamped the floor out of the holeLay Zhang’s studio shares images of the damage sustained in the dance studio from Lay’s krump dance practice

Along with the photo of the damaged dance floor, Lay Zhang’s studio also captioned:

“The pit in front [of us] isn’t really a “pit”, it is our boss Zhang Yixing’s “Krump style” renovation tactic which helped create a “hurricane of damage” in the dance room. What seems like dust that lands on the desk of the staff sitting right below the dance studio is not really dust, it is the mighty dance movements of the king whose power is palpable through the air! Also, on the cost of repairing the dance floor, we would like to ask for our boss to please report all costs [of the damage] to the administrative staff.   [doge]#ZhangYixingStreetDanceOfChina3″

After seeing the damage caused by Lay Zhang’s intensive dance practice sessions, netizens are quick to tease him, commenting in jest, “Oh no, boss this is really wasting money!” and “Wow, this boss is such a waste of money, why not sell him to me!”

张艺兴Lay Zhang is also one of the Dance Captains in the Street Dance of China 3!

In case some of you may be wondering why Lay Zhang has been practicing his krump dancing excessively, he is currently one of the Dance Captains for the variety show, Street Dance of China 3.

In the show, he has been tasked to engage in freestyle dance battles with his street dance team against fellow Captains in the likes of Jackson Wang, Wang Yibo and Wallace Chung!

He may have just been warming himself up for the many freestyle battles and performances for the upcoming episodes of the show.

Do remember to show your support for the idol by watching the Street Dance of China 3. Despite being a veteran dancer, he continues to give his fullest preparation for every single one of his performances, earning the respect of participants and fans alike.

Street Dance Of China 3 Might Just Be One Of The Best Variety Shows This Year

After all, his Weibo user handle translates to “Work hard, Work hard, and Keep Working Harder (@努力努力在努力x)”!

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