Street Dance Of China 3 Might Just Be One Of The Best Variety Shows This Year

Street Dance Of China 3 Might Just Be One Of The Best Variety Shows This Year

As《Street Dance of China: Season 3》aired on the 18th of July, let’s find out why China’s seasoned media reviewers say that the program is “going to be one of the best variety shows in the remainder of the year 2020”.
Be sure to catch this third season of《Street Dance of China》every Saturday at 8 pm!

“I’m afraid that this is going to be one of the best variety shows in the remainder of the year 2020!”, says one of China’s seasoned media reviewers.

According to statistics, the audience had a relatively high acceptance rate on this street dance survival show. The rating on Douban is 8.6 for Season One and 8.8 for Season Two. This third season went viral before it’s been even showcased, causing enormous discussion and attention towards the show online. Being the most trendy street dance reality show at the moment, the directors brought forth new elements into the show every season. You can be reassured that Season 3 will be marvelous to watch!

From introducing new captains to upgrading the elimination system, the directors had put in a lot of effort to provide the audience with a “plus” version visual impact. All the dancers fought hard for their team while their fans greatly supported them!

Before the programme was launched, the crew had leaked out bits of the dance captains’ solo performances on Weibo, leaving the audience in suspense and anticipation. The 4 individual celebrity dance captains really generate traffic for the show. As GOT7’s Jackson Wang, EXO’s Lay Zhang, and UNIQ’s Wang Yibo all debuted as part of a boy group, they can all sing and dance well. Jackson Wang expresses his unique attitude whilst dancing and rapping, which gained respect from the competitors; Wang Yibo started learning street dance since middle school and participated in several top street dance competitions in China. He takes dancing seriously and excels in it; Lay Zhang was a trainee in Korea’s S.M. Entertainment and has thus gained a lot of experiences from it. On the contrary, Wallace Chung is a bit weaker in his dance showcase compared to the other three Captains. However, as an actor himself, he blends acting parts into his dance, which brings many bonus points to the performance. The production crew gathered these 4 strong leaders together, surely everyone is excited about this “bomb” combo.

Jackson Wang
Wallace Chung
Wang Yibo
Lay Zhang

In the words of the netizens: “All the ‘dancing machines’ that I loved have assembled, I have a feeling that this summer would be insane!”

Some popular internet searches about the show include:
“Jackson Wang’s serratus anterior muscle”, ” Wang Yibo’s dance using chain wire”, ” Wang Yibo’s green dreadlocks”, “Wallace Chung’s explanation on pick-up lines”, ” Lay Zhang’s lotus dragon totem” etc……

The team names are as follows: 
Jackson Wang’s “Look here” [王(往)这里看 – Wang zhe li kan] ;
Wang Yibo’s team “Wave Bo Bomb” [一波(博)王炸 – yi bo (Bo) wang zha];
Wallace Chung’s “Wow, Cool bro” [哇挖酷(cool)宝(bro)- wa wa ku bao];
Lay Chang’s “Core Dance Weapons” [核兴(心)舞(武)器 – ke Xing (xin) wu (wu) qi] .

The celebrity captains were using their own names as a play on words for their team names, their use of puns allow the team names to blend together with elements of battle.

The production crew prepared activities for the 4 Captains. Jackson Wang had to do three continuous shots of memes, and surprisingly, he did it as if they were copied and pasted from the original meme, and they were extremely cute.
Wang Yibo’s intelligence was shown when he was asked why he once claimed that he wouldn’t participate in《Street Dance of China》. He simply replied, “Well, I don’t remember what I’ve said!” Wallace Chung is a man full of stories, he shared with us an incident that he burst into tears because a dancer had to leave: “In that instant, everything happened too suddenly and I just couldn’t control my feelings.” Lay Zhang, the “attentive boy”, also disclosed the catchphrases of the other three captains with no mercy at all. We can see that these four celebrity captains have formed a strong bond, which echoes the slogan of the survival show – “Fighting for love.”

As one of the most crucial elements of Pop Culture nowadays, street dance contains some contemporary core values which match with youngsters’ self-consciousness and perception of their desired charisma: to speak up, speak out, fight for your dreams, and to have love and peace within a team. These factors all encourage youngsters to strive for success and believe in yourself.

If we had to conclude all the dancers’ characteristics into one simple sentence, it would be a magnificent line-up: containing a combination of old school “OG” dancers locally, new generation dancers, and international dance experts. Hence, it’s really hard to tell who would win until the finals. The competition rules of this season were so tough from the beginning since the audition, including the 3 vs 3 freestyle and routine battle, and even the dance medley shared between the 4 Captains. It’s all pretty insane!

To demonstrate the best that they could along with special program effects, the Captains had suffered quite a lot. By adding an unprecedented element of water, both the contestants and Captains had to finish their dance with increased difficulty. This is the media reviewer’s first time seeing contestants battling with water element in her three years of being a judge.

The audience’s live reaction also reflects the real performance. To prevent spoilers, we can’t elaborate more. How many punch lines do the celebrity captains use? How marvelous are the dancers? How “bomb” are the stage effects?
We will get to see more in《Street Dance of China: Season 3》!

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