Zhou Dongyu Jokes About Being A Roast Duck In Latest Selfies

On April 26, Zhou Dongyu took two funny photos of herself lying on the ground and uploaded them on Oasis, with the text: “The “guess the caption for the photo” contest starts now!”




In the photos, Zhou Dongyu is wearing a red top and dark sporty pants with a purple hat, while lying directly on the pavement. Since netizens fondly refer to Zhou Dongyu as a “duck”, due to her uncanny love for ducks and her resemblance towards these animals, many of her fans took the opportunity to write a story to joke about the “duck.”



Netizens enjoy comparing Zhou Dongyu to a duck, and her nickname “Little Yellow Duck” is derived from it.


Netizens flocked to comment, with some saying: “The little duck becomes a street duck when it starts to heat up under the sun,” “The duck tried to pick up a two-dollar note on the floor but she fell and lay sprawled on the floor.” “Don’t lie down wherever you fall.”

Zhou Dongyu then responded to a netizen, giving them the correct caption to her photo “roast duck.”


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