Learn Chinese The Fun & Effective Way With Dushu App

Learn Chinese The Fun & Effective Way With Dushu App

Want to learn or improve your Chinese skills, but don’t know where to & don’t know how to? Dushu app has got you covered!

Would you rather spend a lot of money for only one Mandarin lesson per week? Or are you just feeling stuck and directionless with regards to the steps in learning Chinese?

There’s no right or wrong way to learn a new language, you should do whatever fits your learning style. However, you can simply tap into this language learning app with your smartphone or tablet, whenever you have difficulty in reading Chinese Hanzi (characters). It’s a great and easy way to learn new Chinese vocabulary and sentences in your daily life.

Now that we have covered the importance of familiarizing yourself with learning a new language, let’s further discuss the features of the app that organize the process of learning a foreign language, in this case – Chinese!

Introducing Dushu – Read & Learn Chinese App

Making reading Chinese easier & more educational than ever before

This Chinese language learning app is very efficient for acquiring vocabulary, learning the context and definition of words, practicing sentence structure, and more! The features implemented are all for you to greatly improve your Chinese comprehension in a gradual, systematic manner.

Users get to choose whether they would like to study simplified or traditional Chinese characters. If you are a total beginner to the Chinese language, our team suggests learning the simplified characters as there are less strokes to each Chinese character. After choosing to learn your desired version of character, you can select your Chinese proficiency level. This will allow Dushu to devise language exercises based on your current knowledge of the Chinese language.




Users can choose to learn either Simplified or Traditional characters, as well as select their level of Chinese proficiency

Ranging from beginner to the advanced level, Dushu can be applicable to learners of any Chinese proficiency. The Dushu app makes sure you learn Chinese in a professional manner by utilizing the system of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) that is used in China. The HSK test is a standardized exam used to rate Chinese proficiency, assessing non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic, or professional lives.

Dushu provides exercises from various HSK levels, ranging from 1 to 6

Dushu incorporates language exercises developed by the HSK system into their app. The premium feature of the app is packed with informative language-learning content. For example, after setting the app to your current Chinese proficiency level, you can then choose the kinds of sentences you want to learn or practice. As you explore the sentences, the Dushu app picks out the words that you are less likely to know to enhance your familiarity with the words, based on the level you have chosen. You can also feel free to adjust this feature based on your actual knowledge of the Chinese words too.

DailyCpop’s suggestion on how to use Dushu for different levels:

  1. Beginner – Choose to learn “Simplified” set of characters. Select level “HSK 1” or “HSK 2”, and then work your way to the more challenging levels as you improve.
    Key features: Demonstrate writing of stroke order for characters; audio pronunciation (+ Hanyu pinyin), and definition of simple vocabulary; vocabulary flashcards.
  2. Intermediate – Select level “HSK 3” or “HSK 4”.
    Key features: Definitions of more complex vocabulary, with a focus on grammar, comprehension, and sentence structure. Translate text that you can copy-paste.
  3. Advanced – Select level “HSK 5” or “HSK 6”. You can also explore the “Traditional” set of Chinese characters.
    Key features: Definitions and application of more complex vocabulary, with a focus on grammar, comprehension, and sentence structure. Translate text that you can copy-paste, frequent revision of vocabulary lists and flashcards.
Dushu helps users to easily read and understand Chinese sentences and comprehension by displaying the meanings of each character.

In addition, there are other practical learning elements for users, such as the option to “read text from clipboard” or “review flashcards” (as displayed on the bottom of the interface).

The app offers another useful vocabulary practice element: Dushu sorts the words that the user does not know into a word list, allowing users to easily access and revise these words. It then creates little language exercises with the unfamiliar words, such as sentences to help users learn various difficult vocabulary. In addition, it is also possible for users to learn words from and Mandarin Chinese text that they can copy from the Internet, or copy-paste from a file into the app.

These features are great for users (of any Chinese level!) to acquire and absorb the Chinese language. By not making learning exclusive to only native Chinese speakers or learners with high Chinese proficiency, Dushu is an app that guides users at any level of Chinese knowledge.

Grab the chance to access Dushu’s premium features on us – DailyCpop x Dushu:
Why go premium? Here are the features:

  • The premium version is especially beneficial for more serious learners who want to translate more than 10 sentences per day
    • The free version is only limited to 10 sentences translations per day.
  • Stroke order display is available for more than 1000 of the most frequently used Chinese characters
    • The free version only displays the stroke order for only 100 commonly used characters.
  • The premium version removes the following limitations:
    • The free version of the app is limited to: 300 trial flashcards, 100 trial exercises, and only 10 trial texts from the Links section, and only displays the first section of any long text loaded into the app via txt/html/epub-files.

What’s stopping you from learning the Chinese language?

Get access to Dushu by downloading the app from Google Play store – its features are surely worth your time and money in order to improve and aid your Chinese learning.

A further look at the comments section also go to show that the app is extremely popular and well loved by its users, which is a further reason for you to learn Chinese the fun and well structured way, the Dushu way!

Dushu’s users love the app!

Learn Chinese the Dushu way by downloading it in the Play Store here.

An iOS (Apple) version is in development and will be out soon, stay tuned.

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