Show Luo ‘s Agent Denies Allegations That He Wants Children To Fulfil His Mom’s wishes

Show Luo (real name: Luo Zhixiang)’s mother has a desire to hold her grandson. Thus, netizens started controversial discussions that the 41-year-old Show Luo thinking of having children. In response, Luo Zhixiang’s agent, Xiaoshuang, responded: “I haven’t heard of this.”

Show Luo and his mother
Show Luo and his mother
On March 17, according to Taiwanese media reports, Luo Zhixiang who has been dormant for nearly a year following allegations of cheating on Grace Chow had been apparently paving way for a comeback. A few days ago, Luo Zhixiang hosted a banquet at home and had a dinner with fellow Singer Jam Hsiao (real name: Xiao Jingteng) and other friends. In addition to chatting with each other, a group of people had fun and teased Luo Zhixiang’s 5-month-old poodle known affectionately as his “daughter” Yuki.
The meal lasted 6 hours. At the same time, it was also reported that since many of Luo Zhixiang’s friends are already entering the stage in life where they have children, Luo’s mother also expressed her wish to have a grandson, and for Luo Zhixiang to become a father. Since February, Show Luo has released 3 videos on his personal social platforms. In the first video, he pretended to be a cleaner and listened to the general public’s impression of him. Although he was deemed to be a scumbag by most of the public he generally accepted their opinion of him. He also resolved and told his audience that: “I will change it.” As soon as the video was uploaded, there was a barrage of both positive and negative comments. However, Luo Zhixiang’s sincere attitude also roused the approval of some netizens.
Xiao Jingteng also popped up to show his support for Luo Zhixiang. At the end of last month, some media witnessed Xiao Jingteng and his agent Lin Youhui in sports attire, driving an Alston Martin sportscar to show up downstairs at Show Luo’s residence in Neihu, Taipei. After stopping the car in the visitor’s parking space, they went upstairs to dine with Show Luo.  Luo Zhixiang also arranged a large table of food to entertain his guests.
Xiao Jingteng and some other friends ate and drank at Luo Zhixiang’s house from 9 o’clock in the evening, and didn’t leave until after 3 o’clock in the middle of the next day. The group of friends had many topics in common, and most of the focus simply went to Luo Zhixiang’s giant poodle Yuki.

In addition to playing with the dog, Yuki, Luo Zhixiang also taught her some tricks. The most interesting trick was to make her nod nod her head to say thank you. However, it was later revealed that Yuki apparently passed motion on the floor of the living room on the first day after entering Luo Zhixiang’s house. The dog’s lack of potty training made it a headache for Luo Zhixiang, who loves clean, a headache, but he could only wipe the floor silently. In order to teach Yuki to excrete at a fixed point, every time he finishes eating, he accompanies the his dog to the diaper pad so that she can defecate. He often waits for an hour, and he is very patient with the puppy.

In the previous variety program,”The King of the Forest”, Xiao Jingteng claimed to call Luo Zhixiang affectionately as “Brother Zhu” in private. It can be seen that the two have a good relationship and will meet for dinner when they are free. The frequency is as high as almost once a week; two In addition to feelings, people also love dogs, cars, and food. It is understood that when Xiao Jingteng moved to a new house, Luo Zhixiang gave a large figure of Michael Jackson, which surprised and delighted Xiao Jingteng who cherished it.

Some of Luo Zhixiang’s friends also have children. In particular, Migo, the baby daughter of his agent Xiaoshuang, recognizes Luo Zhixiang as a godfather. After having a goddaughter, Luo Zhixiang also shows his fatherly side. Watching Luo Zhixiang play with other people’s children, Luo’s mother also honestly said that she wanted to hold her grandson. After all, Luo Zhixiang is already 41 years old and it was about time he ought to get married and have children.

Hearing that his mother wanted to have grandchildren, Luo Zhixiang, as the only child, can only contemplate on this matter. After all, he currently ha no female partner in his life, so he can only silently ponder about the possibility of having a child.


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