Chuang 2020 Trainee Sun Zhenni Writes A Long Post Thanking Fans Following Her Elimination

Sun Zhenni writes a long post thanking fans following elimination from Chuang 2020

Sun Zhenni 孙珍妮 pens a long statement after being eliminated from Produce Camp 2020. She sincerely thanks her fans for all their support and says that she’s motivated to work even harder for them!

Read the full translated statement here:

Thank you to everyone who had accompanied me and supported/ voted for me all the way! I really appreciate it! As I have left the show (Chuang 2020) this week, I am working hard towards reading all of the messages that you all have sent me while I was shooting the show. I knew that everyone had contributed a lot to get me to where I am now. I am incredibly grateful and thankful for every founder who voted for me❤️ (*bows)!!

I also knew how hard it is to like me. I don’t have a huge amount of fans, but they are always willing to provide me with love that is several times more than others, giving me unconditional support, which made me feel assured to trust and rely on you. Whenever I am lost in my life and feeling empty, it’s you all who allowed me to win this ranking, making me leap with joy again like a carp, like a panda climbing up a tree, a tiger springing down from the top of the mountain.

Maybe to me, this outcome is a bit away from my aim that I’ve expected. As I left, many people were comforting me, “Zhenni, you’re still young, there’s still a long way to go in life and loads of opportunities left for you.”

Yes, but I also knew that I really couldn’t start over every opportunity that I’ve missed.

Like this time, when I was eliminated, the promotion speech that I’ve hidden up my sleeve could never be heard or seen again.

If I say that I’m not regretting and not disappointed, then I must be lying. I could accept my failure, but I would never be defeated. Sun Zhenni will still strive hard in life, and one day, I would become the big white radish which spears out of the earth, shining brightly, and be seen. If there is another chance, I will surely make myself more outstanding to deserve your expectations, so that I could shoulder the stress, and you won’t feel upset and exhausted.

I’ve written too much stuff on comforting each other. Next time, we shall promise to be the one who reads their promoted speech!

And also to all the trainers, staff members, good friends that I’ve met in “Chuang 2020”, thank you so much for looking after me and accompanying me. Don’t worry, I am already a grown-up. If I were to cry, I’ve already cried in the show. After all, I will be stronger, and even braver. This is a short encounter, but because you met Zhenni, so the phrase “wishing you success in every aspect” will be fulfilled forever and ever!

Trainee of “Chuang 2020”, Sun Zhenni makes her formal ending now.

So, let’s continue to move on~⭐️

(There are still many photos to post, I will share it out to you all after the show ends!! Wait for me!)

We wish Sun Zhenni well for her journey ahead!

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