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Ranie Yang Shares How Much She Misses Li Rong Hao After Being Apart For 100 Days

On the morning of 3rd July, Ranie Yang felt unable to contain her feelings any longer: “Today marks the 100th day, this separation has been too long.” With a crying emoji attached to her status on Instagram story, Ranie Yang showed just how badly she misses her husband, Li Rong Hao.

Although Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang are a married couple, they were forced into a long-distance relationship due to the pandemic
“Today marks the 100th day, this separation has been too long.” With a crying emoji, there is little doubt that Ranie Yang must really be missing her husband!

According to Taiwan media reports, Ranie Yang and her husband Li Ronghao became a long-distance couple due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Ranie Yang’s birthday last month, she wished for life to return back to normal as soon possible, hoping that everyone could fly freely and meet the people they wanted to meet.

Despite the pair being separated from each other, the love they share remains just as strong as before. During Rainie Yang’s birthday last month, Li Rong Hao even went to the extent of specially buying a full Nintendo Switch All-Color Joy-Con set to surprise Rainie Yang (he also secretly got the help of her friends)! Ranie Yang, who was absolutely clueless about Li Rong Hao’s surprise cried tears of joy.

Li Ronghao brought his wife a full set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con!

Just a day ago, Li Ronghao also found some clothes online that he thought looked good on Rainie Yang and immediately purchased it for express delivery to Taipei, specially for Ranie Yang. The frequent romantic exchanges between the pair won the envy of many fans.

In addition to that, in a recent episode of “Keep Running”, where Li Rong Hao appeared as the guest star, he was also asked whose song he listened to before he fell asleep. He instantly took out his phone in response to show off his wife’s song, “Left side”, laughing as he praised his wife’s singing. When asked how he rated her skills, he said that it was ten out of ten perfect, “Actually her vocals and tone are very powerful.” But for fear of sounding ingenuine, he added, “Don’t make me praise her again, otherwise everyone would think I’m being fake.”

It will be Li Ronghao’s 35th birthday on the 11th

July this month. Since the two of them have sent each other punctual blessings every year since they got together, they have accumulated a long record of their sweet exchanges on social media. It was just last year, when Li Ronghao announced his surprise proposal to Ranie Yang without warning.

Netizens are excited to know what kind of surprise Rainie Yang would be preparing for her husband this year though we also hope that the lovely celebrity pair can reunite soon!

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