Zhao Liying & Wang Yibo Praised by Martial Arts Instructors for Legend Of Fei

New Chinese drama – Legend of Fei – will be releasing tomorrow on December 16th, 2020! Starring the talented and famous Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, this new historical drama is one you can’t miss.

The drama’s Wushu Special compilation was released on Weibo on the morning of December 14th. Both the main leads were praised by Wushu instructors!

Chen Weitao, the martial arts instructor of “Legend of Fei”, put a lot of thought into this shooting by transforming the words from the original novel into wonderful visuals. In the newly released martial arts special, Zhao Liying, who played Zhou Fei, performed every martial arts stunt cleanly and sharply. She perfectly interprets Zhou Fei’s chivalrous style. Even the martial arts instructor praised her: “I was worried that she was not strong enough before. Howver, my assumption was proven wrong. Her cuts and slashes are very powerful”. Zhao Liying’s acting completely portrayed the speedy and accurate perfection the instructor requested.

As for Xie Yun, played by Wang Yibo, is a master with top-notch Qinggong skills (a technique in Chinese martial arts), and the scene of hanging in the air is definitely unforgettable. This time, “Legend of Fei” uses a 360-degree rotating equipment, which is definitely a test of the actor’s skills. However, Wang Yibo is highly skilled at dancing and skateboarding, and at the same time is also a professional motorcycle rider, so his judgment and sense of rhythm and balance can perfectly match this martial arts task. Chen Weitao said that every time Wang Yibo does Qinggong, he will utilize the on-site environment and some logical elements to assist him in completing his actions.

The actor took up the challenge and learnt to do the difficult stunts – including a 360 degree spin in the air, where Wang Yibo was hung by rotational equipment!

In addition to the martial arts special, “Legend of Fei” also released martial arts stills of the actors. We can’t wait to watch “Legend of Fei” when it has been broadcasted!


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