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“Falling Into Your Smile” Debuts To Frosty Reception From Netizens

Following the airing of the drama, "Falling Into Your Smile", some netizens have been critical about the drama's first episode. As the drama's storyline incorporates the identity of real players from China's League of...

“Ancient Love Poetry” Producer Speaks Out Against Critics Calling Zhou Dongyu Too “Ugly” For The Lead Role

On June 22, Yang Xiaopei, the producer of "Ancient Love Poetry" reposted a drama review article on Weibo that was titled, "Which Part of Zhou Dongyu is Ugly?" The article review itself attacked Zhou...

“Falling Into Your Smile” Welcomes SEVENTEEN, WAYV, Joker Xue and Angela Chang As Singers For The Esports Drama OST

The long-awaited Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” is slated to premiere globally from June 23 on Youku, WeTV, Line TV, Astro TV and more.

Truth Or Dare (Chinese Drama) – Li Gengxi, Huang Jun Jie

Truth or Dare (花好月又圆) is a Chinese costume drama that follows the lives of two couples, Xiao Wanzi (Li Gengxi) and the stoic major Mei Shiqing (Huang Jun Jie)

Stray Birds (Chinese Drama) – Xu Lu and Gao Zhiting

Stray Birds (飞鸟集) is a Chinese drama about the lives of IT college graduates, Su Xiaoman (portrayed by Xu Lu) and Wu Yue (portrayed by Gao Zhiting) who fell in love at first sight....

My Dear Guardian (Chinese Drama)

My Dear Guardian (爱上特种兵) is a drama based on Jinjiang Literature City author's novel "Rain Fingers Under The Military Uniform." The show focussed on the two professionals - one from the special forces and...

Flourish In Time – Ancy Deng Enxi and Zhang Linghe

Flourish In Time (你陪着我的那些时光) is a Chinese youth campus drama starring Deng Enxi and Zhang Ling He as the main leads.

Dilireba and Gong Jun Are Rumored To Star in Upcoming Drama “Legend of Anle”

The recent prospect of Dilireba and Gong Jun starring in the same drama has caused a huge buzz on the Chinese internet.

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Fans Raised Money To Construct “Wu Ji” Road Inspired By The Untamed’s Theme Song

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo 's fans have cooperated and raised enough money to make a donation to build the "Wuji Road." Netizens have praised fans of the pair, as they have successfully championed...

“Word Of Honor” Will Air On Netflix At End Of May

Recently, it has been revealed on the Internet that "Word of Honor" starring Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun will be broadcast on Netflix on May 28, 2021. The show's description and related information is...

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