Chen Feiyu (Arthur Chen) Profile and Facts

Chen Fei Yu Profile and Facts

Chen Fei Yu - DramaWiki

Name: Chen Fei Yu (陈飞宇)
First name: Fei Yu
Last name: Chen
English name:
Arthur Chen
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 9, 2000
Place of Birth:
United States of America
Star Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Chen Feiyu Facts
– Chen Feiyu currently studies at Beijing Film Academy
– He has two older brothers, which makes him the youngest in his family
– Chen Feiyu’s father is the award winning film director, Chen Kaige who has directed high grossing shows such as “Legend of the Demon Cat”
– During the filming of “Legend of the Demon Cat”, Chen Feiyu served as the assistant to his dad, where he also picked up directing skills in addition to taking care of the cast daily on set
– Chen Feiyu’s mother is also the famous veteran actress, Chen Hong
– Chen Feiyu’s parents are both veterans in the showbiz circle which gave him an early head start in his career
– As a child, Chen Feiyu used to be very fat until 2016 where he had a gastric sickness. The illness caused him to starve for a day, and it was then where he decided that he could control his hunger if he willed himself to do so
– He started to lose weight by exercising 40mins to 1 hour a day, and within six months he went from 210 pounds to 130 pounds!
– He attended Jingshan School in Beijing and went to an international junior and senior high school
– During summer breaks, he would worked as a volunteer at the Beijing Children’s School.
– In 2018, he entered Beijing Film Academy as a foreign student

Chen Feiyu’s Social Media Accounts
Instagram: @thechenarthur

Drama Series
Immortality | 2021
Legend of Awakening | 2020
Ever Night | 2018

From Dust, Flowers Bloom | 2020
My People, My Country | 2019
My Best Summer | 2019
Secret Fruit | 2017
Sacrifice | 2010

Awards and Nominations
Weibo Awards Ceremony – Rising Star of the Year | 2020
26th Huading Awards – Best Actor | 2019
32nd Tokyo International Film Festival – Best Newcomer | 2019
Gold Crane Awards Winner – Most Popular Actor | 2019
11th Macau International Movie Festival – Best Newcomer | 2019
Tencent Video All Star Awards – Rising Film Actor | 2019
8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival – Most Promising Silver Screen Artist | 2019
Sohu Fashion Awards – Influential Male Star | 2019
4th China Literature Award Ceremony – Super IP New Actor | 2019


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