Chen Linong Was Spotted In A Wheelchair, Causing Fans To Worry

In the morning of the 17th of July, Saturday, many netizens woke up to the news that popular singer and actor Chen Linong (nickname: Nongnong) was wheelchair-bound when appearing at the airport. Many fans were understandably worried and upset, wanting clarification on the situation.

Chen Linong in wheelchair
Chen Linong in wheelchair

Netizens React

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Chen Linong appears in the airport in a wheelchair after getting injured. He waved at fans at the scene. Take care of your injury and get well soon ❤️

Netizens React:
[+3342] Hope our Super Nongnong will get well soon!!!!
[+2445] Can you not put the tag (“Chen Linong In A Wheelchair?”)? Thank you for the concern, please follow the variety shows
[+1663] Thank you for the concern
[+1255] Please follow tonight’s premiere of 牛气满满的哥哥 (The Irresistible 2)
[+1197] Can you not put the tag (“Chen Linong In A Wheelchair?”), the kid doesn’t want to bring negative energy to everyone. So let’s look forward to tonight’s the Irresistible 2 together, full of positive energy!

Weibo Influencer Post [2]: Nongnong has to get better quickly! The heatwave of the summer is here, come hug happiness with @ChenLinong! Tonight at 10pm, Hunan Weishi will premiere The Irresistible 2, we won’t part until we see each other 💓

Chen Linong for The Irresistible 2
Chen Linong for The Irresistible 2

Chen Linong’s Studio Replies

At 11:53am, Chen Linong’s studio posted in his supertopic, saying, “Thank you for everyone’s concern! Because of Chen Linong’s external leg injury, he’s got an acute skin infection, but currently his condition is stable. We will follow the doctor’s instructions and minimise leg movement, also cooperating with further medical treatment. We didn’t mean to hoard public resources and hope that Nongnong will recover quickly so that he can meet everyone soon. Thank you again for your concern.”

Netizens React:
[+1544] You finally grew a mouth
[+953] Take good care of him, even though he went to Sanya, but he can’t eat seafood and lamb x5, has to eat plain food!
[+709] Take good care of him!
[+608] You came early.
[+584] Take care of him, his body’s the most important

Weibo Influencer Post [3] (edited): After confirmation, it’s an inflammation post-injury, and currently it’s received appropriate treatment. Hope that Nongnong will rest well and get well soon, watch The Irresistible 2 together tonight!

Weibo Influencer Post [4] (edited): Because of a skin injury, Chen Linong has no choice but to sit in a wheelchair. Hope that he will get well soon, and take care of your safety! (see attachment below)

Attachment: A capitalised, bolded, "Heart hurts"
Attachment: A capitalised, bolded, “Heart hurts”

Note: Many Weibo influencers edited their posts after the studio replied; see above.

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