Hua Chenyu ‘s Studio Denies Accusations Of Plastic Surgery and Cheating

On July 16, Hua Chenyu ‘s Studio responded to plastic surgery, hair transplant and cheating allegations with the release of a lawyer’s statement. The studio forwarded an appeal to “don’t spread rumors, don’t spread rumors”.

Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu

This comes after a few users have alleged that Hua Chenyu underwent plastic surgery with “photo evidence”.  The netizen also released extremely private information about Hua Chenyu’s skin treatment in the name of being his “girlfriend”, which was said to have seriously damaged his reputation.

The user even claimed that Hua Chenyu modified his “nose, chin”, added fillers, did some “bone contouring and sculpturing” and also did a skin rejuvenation procedure.

Hua Chenyu Plastic
Weibo user exposed “information” about the singer “going for plastic surgery procedures”

Some netizens also posted some videos of an individual alleged to be “Hua Chenyu” on Weibo, claiming that he was their “husband”, and that Zhang Bichen was a third party in their relationship. The netizen also claimed that Zhang Bichen even tried to pay the her to prevent them from ‘exposing’ this fact. At the same time, the netizen also sent out photos of the singer allegedly before and after his “plastic surgery and hair transplant.”

In response to the rumors which trended on Weibo for a period of time, Hua Chenyu’s Studio wrote:

This studio hereby appeals to everyone: Do not spread rumors and do not publish content that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others for your own self-interest. Lawyers have been entrusted to collect evidence and prepare for the prosecution of the suspected individuals who have posted defamatory content. We resolutely resist any malicious rumor-mongering, and such actions will be dealt with by legal means.

Hua Chenyu’s Studio

Similarly, the former manager of Hua Chenyu, Wang Guihong, has posted a response saying that she had never once seen or photographed pictures and videos related to the singer on the Internet. She directly mentioned the netizen by her username and wrote, “@发发爱我2021 Your words and deeds have seriously violated my repetitional rights. See you in the court.”

Earlier, “@发发爱我2021” posted an apology to the singer, saying that the hair transplant photos were sent by a private message from a friend who claimed to be the former agent of his, Wang Guihong. However, the singer’s Studio has responded that they will not accept the apology of this netizen.

According to sources, Wang Guihong had previously liked a popular Weibo post on Hua Chenyu’s relationship timeline. The post alleged that the singer had rekindled his relationship. In 2018, news broke that there was allegedly a recording that Wang Guihong was suspected of leaking. The leaked audio accused the idol of deliberately causing trouble to the team. However, the management company later issued a statement denying the authenticity of this recording.

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