Yuehua Entertainment Celebrates Their 2021 Concert with Wang Yibo, UNIQ, NEX7 Cheng Xiao, Meng Meiqi and More!

Yuehua Entertainment had their annual concert on the 17th of July. The event was held in person, with coveted tickets snatched by eager fans, and broadcasted online on Youku. With lots of hot searches featuring the many talented artists, the event was hotly discussed.

YH Family members gather for a group photo!
Cheng Xiao performing for the YH Family Concert
Cheng Xiao performing for the YH Family Concert

Netizens React

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: All members of Yuehua Entertainment sing “Tomorrow Will Be Better”. The warm voices heal~ Already starting to look forward to the family’s next concert!

Netizens React:
[+2287] Wang Yibo will be even better!!!!
[+1556] Wang Yibo is so handsome!
[+1190] Yibo will be better
[+978] Wang Yibo is so handsome
[+725] Fan Chengcheng
[+497] Meng Meiqi sang so well
[+408] Fan Chengcheng is so handsome

Meng Meiqi and Justin Huang Collaborate

The hot search title for Meiqi and Justin‘s collaboration: Meng Meiqi and Justin Huang collaborate. Truly a legendary collaboration of two Yuehua Entertainment artists!

Weibo Influencer Post [2]: Handsome guy and gorgeous girl’s collaboration is too pleasing to the eyes! Justin and Meng Meiqi’s collaborate was too good. Both’s powerful auras, added to the cool effects and set, made the whole stage super tense!

Netizens React:
[+13,000] Can I see this? It’s incredible! Meng Meiqi, please tease me
[+13,000] Too teasing, is this a collaboration of idols I can see?!!!! Meng Meiqi’s too hot
[+13,000] Huang Minghao’s stage yyds [t/n: Legendary]
[+10,000] Too hot, Chinese entertainment can’t not have Meng Meiqi
[+10,000] After so long, I’ve finally waited until the stage’s devil king Meng Meiqi! Her performance ability is incredible 😭😭 Worthy of being Meng Meiqi!!!
[+10,000] It can enter the history books of Chinese entertainment collaborations!

Wang Yibo Performs No Sense

Wang Yibo performed "No Sense"
Wang Yibo performed “No Sense”

The hot search title for Yuehua Entertainment’s Wang Yibo: Wang Yibo danced into my heart. Definitely an apt description for all mjtt (Wang Yibo’s fandom) tonight.

Redmi Official Weibo [3]: Saw mtjj’s love for Yibo outside the venue, and in the venue, saw Yibo’s charm on stage. In the future, Redmi will accompany all mtjjs to grow with Yibo 💚 Run towards limitless love!

Netizens React:
[+5678] Wang Yibo and mjtt are locked together forever
[+4303] Let’s grow with Wang Yibo together in the future
[+3581] Extreme romance given by mtjjs to Wang Yibo
[+2802] Wang Yibo’s future can be looked forward to

Youku Official Weibo [4]: Wang Yibo’s solo No Sense live, big rap explosive and teasing, causing a heat wave. More excitement at Youku’s live, livestream link.

Wang Yibo's stage
Wang Yibo’s stage

Netizens React:
[+1997] Wang Yibo’s dance yyds [legendary] 😁 Wang Yibo’s stage yyds!!!
[+1801] Welcome to King Yibo’s green sea!
[+1468] Wang Yibo!!! God of stages!! King of stages!! I love your stages aaaaaa
[+1209] Wang Yibo’s worth it, mtjjs only love Wang Yibo! Wang Yibo yyds~

Cheng Xiao Looks Gorgeous

Cheng Xiao of Yuehua Entertainment performs her song FOCUS-X. In addition to being a really talented singer and actor, she proves herself to be a true all-rounder with an explosive stage, earning her the hot search “Cheng Xiao‘s so hot”!

Netizens React:
[+3440] So beautiful!!
[+2643] Wife’s so hot!
[+1996] Aaa! So good so good!!! Cheng Xiao!!!
[+1528] Xiaoxiao’s so beautiful!
[+1186] Beautiful girl
[+1062] Not bad, finished looking at the beautiful girl and going to sleep

Did you watch the Yuehua concert? Which was your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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