Cheng Xiao Sparks Controversy After Questioning If Donations Should Define A Person’s Worth

After many celebrities featured on hot searches and in Chinese entertainment news for donating to the current floods in Henan, news emerged that Cheng Xiao had posted on her main account about donating, sparking hot discussion by netizens.

Cheng Xiao for the recent Yuehua Entertainment concert
Cheng Xiao for the recent Yuehua Entertainment concert

Cheng Xiao’s Post

At around 7pm on the 21st of July, Cheng Xiao used her main account to post the following:

She attached a picture of the dictionary definition of “donations”, accompanying it with the post:

Donations. If you donate, you scold; if you don’t donate, you scold. If you donate little, you scold (only donated this little…), and if you donate a lot, you scold (how come you didn’t donate as much as last time?).
Since when did we use donations to measure people’s worth?
Donations aren’t comparisons…
Everyone does their best.
Isn’t it better to be placing focus on the actual event [t/n: the floods, and not side events like celebrities’ donations]…

She deleted the post immediately afterwards.

Netizens Don’t Forget

After Sina Entertainment posted about the incident, netizens immediately reacted hotly:

[+14,000] 100 000RMB [donated by you] – what kind heart do you have? The heart of some one who has a 150 000RMB bag and donates 100 000RMB?

[+11,000] The real gamers [whose identities got ruined in the] the copycat, defaming drama that she acted in all donated 100 000RMB too.

[+9891] One [physical] bag of hers costs 100 000RMB, I really have no way of empathising with celebrities

[+9455] But doesn’t your entertainment industry involve a lot of comparisons? The time of appearing on the red carpet, the place your name features in dramas, the clothes and shoes you wear to events. How is this different 😂

[+6967] One bag of hers costs 150 000, she donated 100 000; is there anything non-satisfactory about her getting scolded? Did she not earn enough from acting in a copycat drama?

[+3961] I really don’t empathise with celebrities, even though these words aren’t wrong for her to say, she shouldn’t be the one to say it.

[+3719] There’s a reason for flopping.

Most netizens appear to be commenting on Cheng Xiao’s latest drama, FALLING INTO YOUR SMILE, which was heavily criticised upon premiere and also subsequently on Douban, with a dismal 2.9 rating out of a potential 10 stars. The drama is controversial for the original novel it was based on, because of the novel’s similarities to real-life e-sport teams.

Cheng Xiao for drama Falling Into Your Smile
Cheng Xiao for drama Falling Into Your Smile

“Donations Aren’t Comparisons”

Under a Weibo Influencer’s post asking for opinions, netizens react:

[+6914] You compare styles in red carpets, positions in posters for movies and dramas, your fans compare acting, so how come this can’t be compared? Isn’t this what should be compared?

[+5184] If you get little pay, you scold; if you don’t get that little, you scold. If you get little, you scold (only gave this little…), and if you get a lot, you scold (how come I didn’t get as much as last time?). Since when did we use pay to measure celebrities’ worth? Salaries aren’t comparisons… Every celebrity does their best. Is following their acting not good… [t/n: A netizen mocks Cheng Xiao, replacing everything in her original post with “pay”]

[+4159] Celebrities are so good, their salaries are compared with big entrepreneurs, their lives are compared with rich people, their caste is compared with upper-class, their donations are compared with “ordinary citizens”, their societal responsibility is compared with children (only celebrities know that donations are the correct action)

[+2543] I think she’s not wrong, however much you donate is just good thoughts

[+1657] How much you donate isn’t a problem, the problem is coming out to show your intelligence and complain!

[+771] It’s true that how much you donate is just good thoughts, but this Weibo made me think she really didn’t want to donate 😓

Cheng Xiao Uses Her Private Account To Comment

Cheng Xiao's post on her priv
Cheng Xiao’s post on her priv

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Cheng Xiao posted a Weibo in response to donating, deleted it immediately, and then posted on her private account: Laughed so hard I choked. Cheng Xiao got scolded for donating too little, since this money isn’t enough to buy a bag, do you think celebrities are guilt-tripped by morals into donating?

Netizens React:
[+2286] Saw previously that her bag is worth a hundred and fifty thousand, so donating hundred thousand is stingy. Looking at this girl now, if she’s not stupid she’s bad

[+1669] Her fans laughed at Meng Meiqi for donating too little after she donated a hundred thousand, how come when it comes to her they’re acting poor?

[+1111] How much you donate is your will, but in the face of a national disaster, you say “laughed so hard I choked” – what do you mean?

[+605] Cheng Xiao’s right. Donate hundred thousand before you come and comment on others!

[+1069] The flop drama she acted in had an investment of two hundred million, a bag of hers costs a hundred and fifty thousand. On her body there’s hundreds of thousands [worth of items], donating hundred thousand is to give you face, what else do you want 😭😭

Under another Weibo Influencer’s post, netizens react:
[+2188] Great, now the whole country knows she only donated a hundred thousand

[+1939] Although you shouldn’t use morals to guilt-trip them, what does saying “laughed so hard I choked” on your priv mean?

[+1746] Someone who even dares to act in a copycat drama has such thin skin?

[+710] If you don’t want to donate, don’t; it’s like everyone forced her to, she acts too much

[+302] Donating and giving love also needs to be laughed at?

[+140] It’s too little, Zhang Tianai’s such a flop but even she donated one million

A Weibo Influencer posts a comparison of celebrities' donations, arranged in order of supertopic ranking
A Weibo Influencer posts a comparison of celebrities’ donations, arranged in order of supertopic ranking. W = ten thousand.

Cheng Xiao’s Fans Speak

A popular post by a fan of Cheng Xiao tells everyone that the picture on priv was just to show her cat’s sleeping position and says that Cheng Xiao has been following the news. It also points out that netizens who have time to scold Cheng Xiao could go and repost or comment under posts needing support or more visibility and hopes that Henan will be able to get over these difficult times.

In a comment below, netizens point out that Cheng Xiao posted on her main account at 18:51 and her priv at 18:29:

Netizens' proof
Netizens’ proof

They suggest that Cheng Xiao wasn’t reacting to the situation at all and was simply trying to show her cat’s sleeping positions.

Poll: Do you agree with Cheng Xiao?

A Weibo Influencer's poll
A Weibo Influencer’s poll

Cheng Xiao said not to use donations to measure people’s worth, and not to compare them. Do you agree with her?
[+7378] Agreed, donations are just good thoughts, no matter how much!
[+2595] Don’t agree, if you earn a lot you should donate more!
[+3813] Donating is personal freedom, don’t use morals to guilt-trip them into doing it!
[+594] Other

What do you think about Cheng Xiao’s donation and subsequent actions? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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