“Youth With You 3” Trainees Quietly Debut As “IXFORM” The New Boy Group

In a stunning turn of events at the Chengdu music festival on Sunday the 25th of July, what was meant to be a normal music festival turned out to be a historical moment as the top 9 of Youth With You 3 were announced as new boy group IXFORM.


A Quiet Debut

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Luo Yizhou, Tang Jiuzhou, Lian Huaiwei, Liu Guanyou, Deng Xiaoci (Jerome), Sun Yinghao, Liu Jun, Duan Xingxing and Sun Yihang announced on stage today that their group name is IXFORM. They are looking forward to lots of projects meeting everyone in the future.

Netizens React

Netizens react under the post of a lucky fan to see the moment happen live!

[+44] Youth With You 3 finished, but these younger brothers’ journey just started, good luck
[+34] I remember you said that they would definitely debut, I really love your thinking 🥰
[+29] It feels like my life, which stopped for 2 months, can finally go forward again. Thank you to the IXFORM members for not giving up, and thank you for our staying with and believing in each other. Happy debut in the centre position to Luo Yizhou! 💚
[+13] waaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! They debuted?! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? I’m going to cry, what on Earth!!!!??!!!

Another Weibo Influencer’s post asks if you prefer INTO1 or IXFORM.


Based on the poll, 13,000 netizens support INTO1, versus only 5670 for IXFORM. However, given that IXFORM still hasn’t officially debuted and has no official account yet, this could just be due to their later debut.

What do you think about IXFORM’s debut? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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