Ding Chengxin Pleads to Sisheng Fans: Don’t Tail My Car, Let Me Go Home!

Members of boy band Teens in Times 时代少年团 (TNT) have always been disturbed by si-sheng fans. Sisheng – which is the short form for 私生饭, which means “obsessive fans” who engage in stalker behavior towards their idols.

Recently, member Ding Chengxin (丁程鑫), age 18, went back to his hometown to settle personal matters. While travelling back to his hometown, some sisheng fans tailed the young idol’s car. This led the boy band member to pen a lengthy Weibo post in the middle of the night, pleading fans never to tail the car again.

In the early morning of December 17th 2020, Ding Chengxin’s Weibo post was shouting to sisheng fans:

“I’m going to say this once again, do not tail my car, let me go home, thanks!”

It is reported on the day that Ding Chengxin was preparing to go home to participate in an art exam, and the incident was at around 2am in the early morning where the obsessive fans were following his car. This led many netizens to doubt what these sisheng fans were actually doing:

“Why do I feel that Teens In Times’ have quite a large number of crazy sisheng fans? Do these people have nothing to do?”

“Do sishengs think that because TNT members are relatively younger in age, that’s why they think they can bully or harass them?”

Many netizens started to complain about sisheng fans in the comment section for their rude and obsessive behavior.

Meanwhile, Ding Chengxin’s fan club has issued a speedy and lengthy request for the idol’s management company to handle and put the sisheng fan actions to a stop.

Ding Chengxin has also shared some of what he and his bandmates have experienced with sisheng fans in a video compilation, to share with the public what it’s like to live a life that is closely followed by sisheng fans. Some of the experiences included the obsessive fans hiding in bathrooms to eavesdrop, going to the entertainment company and the dormitory, and more.


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