Esther Yu & Dylan Wang Will Be Starring In New Drama “Cang Lan Jue”

As THE9’s Esther Yu (also known as Yu Shuxin 虞书欣) turned 25 yesterday on December 18th, fans flooded the comments section with sweet messages and warm wishes for the idol.

Actor Dylan Wang (also known as Wang Hedi 王鹤棣) – who was the main lead in Meteor Garden (2018) and has appeared on popular variety show The Irresistible (2020), also took to Weibo to wish Esther a happy birthday!

Surprisingly, his wishes hinted at the new drama he and Esther will be starring in together. The official Weibo account (guan fang Weibo) then reposted Dylan’s post with a helpless and funny caption!

Dylan’s post was accompanied by a photo of a birthday cake with the title of the drama “Cang Lan Jue (苍兰诀)” and “Happy birthday little Lan flower Yu Shuxin (小兰花虞书欣生日快乐)”. What an indirect announcement of the two to start the filming of new drama “Cang Lan Jue”!


Historical drama “Cang Lan Jue”《苍兰诀》is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiulu Feixiang. It tells the story of the goddess of the Paixin clan being destroyed and annihilated by the Demon Sovereign Dongfang Qingcang. After ten thousand years, the goddess was reborn into a “low class” fairy – Xiao Lan Hua. With no intention however, resurrected the Demon Lord – who is now trapped in a tower.

In order to gain freedom, this time the Dongfang Qingcang clan has to sacrifice Xiao Lan Hua’s goddess soul to break the spell. Who knew in the process, that the Demon (who once loved nothing) has fallen in love with the gentle and cute little spirit.

The drama will begin production in February 2021! We bet that fans cannot wait to watch the drama already.

Are you excited for this drama? Let us know in the comments below and share this exciting news!


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