Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s Duet For “The Oath of Love” Stage Warms The Hearts of Netizens

On December 20th, Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan sang the Oath of Love theme song on the same stage. Before Yang Zi stepped down, she gestured a “Jiayou~!” (which literally translates to ‘come on’) to Xiao Zhan on stage, warming the hearts of many netizens!

Yang Zi sent an encouraging cheer to Xiao Zhan on stage
Yang Zi sent an encouraging cheer to Xiao Zhan on stage

Xiao Zhan immediately raised a fist in response, to acknowledge her kind words. The scene where Yang Zi cheered for Xiao Zhan also made many netizens excited for their upcoming drama as they felt that the two shared great chemistry on stage.

Xiao Zhan and Yangzi performed Oath of Love
Xiao Zhan and Yangzi performed Oath of Love

Xiao Zhan then performed his solo song, “The Luckiest Fortune” afterwards.

However, fans realized that Yang Zi cheered for Xiao Zhan not only on stage but backstage as well! In fact, careful netizens noticed that that before walking on the red carpet, Yang Zi stood at the corner and raised her voice to cheer for Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan smiled and raised his fist in acknowledgement.

The warm and friendly interactions between the two on the stage, caused fans to eagerly anticipate their upcoming drama, The Oath of Love.

Through these interactions, fans also recognized that the two stars appeared to be on very good terms, though this is not surprising, as everyone is aware that Yang Zi has been historically spectacular at establishing friendships with her male co-stars from past dramas, including Li Xian, Deng Lun and more. Her best friend is also a fellow Beijing Film Academy classmate and actor Zhang Yishan, who she frequently banters with publicly on Weibo.

If you’re as excited for their upcoming drama, you can check out their live duet below for the Oath of Love drama theme song!

What do you think about their live performance? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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