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Wang Yibo Responds To Anonymous False Police Report Made Against Him

In the early morning of the 27th December, YueHua Entertainment issued a long statement saying that Wang Yibo was anonymously reported to the police. When the police arrived during his filming break at Heng Dian Wang Yibo then cooperated with all investigations, and the investigation ultimately concluded proving his innocence.

Wang Yibo Issued Statement Condemning A False Anonymous Police Report Made Against Him

At the moment, the individual who made the report to the police has not yet been identified.

Yue Hua Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

“On the night of December 26th, our artiste Mr Wang Yibo was at Heng Dian [with the drama] crew taking a break. However, he received malicious police report made against him by an anonymous individual. When the police received this anonymous report, they arrived at the scene as soon as they could. Our artiste, Mr Wang Yibo, cooperated with the police throughout the entire duration of it the investigation. The investigation proved that our artiste Wang Yibo was completely innocent. This clearly showed that it was a deliberate and illegal false police report made against him.

Currently, our company has already engaged a law firm to pursue this issue further, and have also maintained our communications with the public authorities, to identify the false and illegal police report made against him so as to let the perpetrator be faced with the consequences of their actions.

False police reports are acts that waste resources of the police force. Our company and our artiste Mr Wang Yibo are extremely shocked and angry at this false police report made! Our artiste Mr Wang Yibo has always been law-abiding, motivated and hardworking when it comes to doing his best to be a good citizen in society. With respect to such illegal and malicious acts aimed at harm our artiste’s reputation, our company will not tolerate it and we will investigate this issue to the very end!

Our company would like to appeal to the general public: Understand the law and abide by the law. Do not engage in any illegal behaviour, including making false police reports. The red line of the law cannot be touched, and the legal bottom line should not be crossed.”

Wang Yibo tells fans and haters to abide by the law

Subsequently, Wang Yibo also wrote a Weibo post stating:

“Good prevails over evil! Good prevails over evil! Good prevails over evil! Those who love me and those who hate me must abide by the rule of law. Obey the law! Obey the law!!!”

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